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Launching a website and putting it on the live servers, that each moment makes you re-evaluate everything you have done so far, thoughts race in your mind of the possibility of anything you may have omitted, especially if it’s something basic then even more so. So you double check through everything before making your website live, the first impression is the last impression so it’s better to launch the best version you possibly can for your website along with every other necessity that helps your website gain search rankings, which is why we have prepared an SEO checklist, something to make sure you have gone through before you finally launch your work. This will help you in your search rankings and ensure you don’t miss out on anything important to add before you launch your site.

Keyword to URL map of the content you add
Pretty simple to comprehend, what you do is that you do a basic aerial view of your site, a good look at the site map and add some keywords after some through keyword research.List down those keywords you believe is best described on your site and targets the market you want to position yourself in.You add meta descriptions and target your URLs in accordance to the website.You can subsequently hire any reputable or recommended SEO company in USA to help you in identifying basically all the keywords to help you through this part.Make sure to go through any important keyword that you may believe that you have missed.

Accessibility, crawl and UX
Few of the most important things when it comes to these 3 aspects. You have to first ask yourself, that one, is your site easily accessible as in, are the content on your website easily accessible by search engines and such. Tools such as Screaming frog and Google search consoles help in running and checking your unlaunched website in any duplicate content, pages too thin to show up as no content at all, any broken links causing the 404 error and all that jaze.

Accessibility is also raised as an issue in term of how easily accessible is the site to your viewers, on the phone, tablet, laptop, desktop etc. You’ll have to use tools like browser checker to see how most of the mainstream web browsers handle your website and load the elements on it and tweak it accordingly so that you can pander to the majority of the citizens.  

Next you have on your plate is the crawl speed, which is basically how fast or how quick does your website load on different pages, this all factors to all the images and other tricky elements you have on your website along with the quality service your domain providing is well, providing you with.The server, it has to be a decent server on top of that.Lastly for this section, you have the UI, you have to make sure the UI is aesthetic enough for people to be enjoyable. You can run some in-house usability testing, some informal with friends and family, see what they think about it, or survey with existing customers and potential focus groups.

Setup of important services
Some other tools that would be helpful if you could set it up and run it on your website.

Web analytics – So google analytics is free and quite popular nowadays and there are other tools such as Piwik. If you rather do a crawl test, then On-page or Moz Pro can assist you in this regard.

Uptime tracking – Basically how long your site has been up for, you can check out Pingdom which has cheap plans for freshly launched sites and better plans as you site becomes bigger.

Retargeting and remarketing – You can always use any of the services later so you can go ahead and out some retargeting pixels from Facebook and Google onto your website so that your audience can still access you in the future.

Scheme, rich snippets, OpenGraph etc.
This is optimization in a broader sense. You have added all the important keywords and the meta descriptions and you backtrack to check any other opportunities. You can check for any content opportunities or image search opportunities. Such aesthetics can give you review stars for gigs and different gifs. OpenGraph also works on LinkedIn and other services so you have some diverse options.Various search engine optimization company is USA can help you identify some of these to add, which nets you better rating.

Launch and amplification
Another imperative aspect in regards to SEO is that you need some links and engagement of those types in order to rank high on the charts. So for this you need to have a decent and successful launch day and a launch week or even a launch month to stay relative. Market your website to your relative, friends, family and anyone who has a decent following on various social media and you personally know them so a good word-of-mouth is spread.

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