Privacy Policy

Although the information is the foundation of our ability provides exceptional service, it is our most valuable asset. Our greatest asset is the trust of customers and consumers. Al-Burraq Technologies (Pvt) Ltd considers it a top priority that personal information is kept secure. We also use it only to the individual's wishes. Each individual has the right to access their data and make changes at any time.

To each of our customers or consumers, we will adhere to the following policy:

  • • We will protect the personal information you share with us according to strict security and confidentiality standards.
  • • We will only collect and use personal information that is essential to provide superior customer service. Personal information can be used to manage payment services, and advise customers and consumers about products, services, and other opportunities. It may also be used to facilitate sales and marketing campaigns, including loyalty programs, screening, and verifying the identity of people applying for electronic payment accounts and payment cards. Authorizations may also be required by law.
  • • We will only keep the personal information of each person for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were collected or as required by law.
  • • Access mechanisms will be made available to allow individuals to access their data at any time. They can also make other choices regarding the use and disclosure. These changes and access can be made online or by contacting our Customer Service Center via telephone, fax, mail, email, etc.
  • • We won't share personal information with a third party without first informing the subject person through disclosures, agreements, and having received their consent or being required by law. We share personal information with the payment card issuers and digital payment account providers, as well as legal and regulatory authorities, and bureaus for identity verification. At the time of service registration, individuals agree to share their personal information with these third parties. Individuals may decide to limit or stop receiving certain services if they wish to do so after enrolling.
  • • We will notify individuals promptly about the type of personal data we collect, how it is used, and any third-party organizations we might share it with.
  • • To protect each person's privacy, we will ensure that personal information is properly protected.
  • • We will demand that any third-party organization with which we share personal data has at least the same level of security as us, and we may need to verify their compliance.
  • • To ensure each person's privacy rights, we will continue to assess ourselves. We will ensure that our business complies with our Privacy Policy in all regions where we do business.

Privacy Shield Frameworks contain the following seven Privacy Principles, which Al-Burraq Technologies (Pvt) Ltd has embraced:

  • • Notice
  • • Choice
  • • Accountability for Onward Transfer
  • • Security
  • • Data Integrity and Purpose Restrictions
  • • Access
  • • Recourse, Enforcement, and Liability

Al-Burraq Technologies Ltd (Pvt) Ltd is responsible for any subsequent transfer of personal data (other than HR) to an authorized third party in cases of Accountability of Onward Transfer. Al-Burraq Technologies Ltd (Pvt) Ltd has committed to resolving complaints regarding the collection and use of personal data following Privacy Shield Frameworks.