SOS Children's Villages is an autonomous, non-legislative worldwide improvement association which has been attempting to address the issues and secure the interests and privileges of kids since 1949.

This site speaks to SOS Pakistan; you can get whole data through this stage and send gifts too. We work to give quality elective consideration to youngsters who can never again live with their folks. They give satisfactory consideration to families encountering emergency or outrageous hardship and help them remain together. They go to bat for youngsters and help to advise networks and leaders about kids' rights. They give security to youngsters and their families at the focal point of our activities amid helpful crises.

Family is the core of society. Inside a family, every tyke is ensured and appreciates a feeling of having a place. Here, kids learn values, share duties and structure deep rooted connections. A family situation gives them a strong establishment on which to assemble their lives. Through affection and acknowledgment, enthusiastic injuries are recuperated and certainty is constructed. Kids figure out how to trust and have confidence in themselves as well as other people. With this confidence, every kid can perceive and satisfy his or her potential.

Every tyke's voice is heard and considered important. Youngsters partake in settling on choices that influence their lives and are guided to play a main job in their own advancement. The youngster develops with deference and nobility as a valued individual from his or her family and society.

Youngsters are shielded from maltreatment, disregard and abuse and are remained careful amid cataclysmic events and war. Kids have cover, sustenance, human services and instruction. These are the essential necessities for the sound improvement all things considered.

This website represents SOS Pakistan; you can get entire information through this platform and send donations as well.

Al-Burraq Technologies supports SOS Villages on technical part. Al-Burraq Technologies helped SOS Villages in designing and developing an application that contains all the necessary information about SOS Pakistan and facilitates their users.

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