We know the power behind Looking good, feeling good.

Entrepreneur and educator Karen Tappin are one of the billion-dollar beauty industry’s rising stars. In 2003, alarmed by the presence of unhealthy chemical ingredients in hair, body and bath products on the market, Karen researched the cosmetic and therapeutic properties of natural ingredients and decided to experiment with making her own line of natural products.

How karensbodybeautiful.com works:

The attractive and clean-cut interface, keeping the goods as the main focus of attention, combined with easy usability and ready access is what she envisioned for her online customers and we helped turning her vision into a reality. You can now shop all products Karen anywhere, anytime at a few clicks.

In 2016, Karen came to us to help further her illuminating cause by making her products available for

the masses and we obliged. Al-Burraq Technologies transitioned the business to a primarily online

presence, so her products can be purchased at karensbodybeautiful.com.

Final Result