'Invest in Pakistan' is a private initiative of people of OPEN Silicon Valley (an agency of Pakistani entrepreneurs living in the US) with Government support. They help people living in the United states to invest in Pakistan.

What ‘Invest in Pakistan’ offers you?

The website ‘Invest in Pakistan’ offers energizing greenfield and development opportunities for organizations, investors, and entrepreneurs. The land of Pakistan has a promising startup environment with remarkable innovators and disruptors. Many leading organizations like FireEye, Careem, and many more accomplished unicorn statuses.

The National Incubation Centers have selected all the more than 140 new businesses throughout the country since their initiation in 2017, huge numbers of which are scaling in both local and universal markets and gaining acknowledgement because of their innovative thoughts and advancements. 

How to Invest in Pakistan works:

The very first step of incorporating a company is to search for the availability of name from the concerned registrar of companies that is proposed for the company. This seems quite simple, however, there are a few restrictions that one should consider while selecting a name for the company.

There are three modes available for the name reservation which are categorized based on fee and processing time:


In this mode, it is necessary to submit a normal fee along with the complete application, short memorandum, and articles of association by 1000 hours on any working day.


For urgent processing, a higher FTRS fee along with the complete application should be submitted. The processing time for this mode is 4 hours.


In normal mode, regular fee along with the complete application should be submitted by the applicant on any working day for processing. 

Al-Burraq Technologies a web development Company USA helped Open Silicon Valley to outright their initiative Invest in Pakistan while keeping the mission of Invest in Pakistan and the client's aspirations in mind. Being the technical partner, we designed a website by understanding the client's vision and objective to welcome companies and organizations to generate new possibilities and expand their businesses in the country and to provide growth to both the organizations and the country. Al-Burraq Technologies offered its technical assistance in their initiation to help people living in the United States to invest in various potential sectors of Pakistan.

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