Never Worry about an Unexplained Ending Again

Ever sat through a movie or a show, or read a book you have been anticipating for all year but can’t help and feel …slumped and disappointed at the end? Was there something about a character or story that bothered or affected you deeply, but you didn’t know why? Does a piece of art or music move you in ways you can’t explain? Is that video game inexplicably addicting? Did a commercial lure you to run out and buy?

Want to know why?

Cpsy.com has the answer!

Al-Burraq developed Celluloid Psych as a website dedicated to providing answers to all your burning questions pertaining to the world of fantasy. 

How CPSY works:

A clean and engaging interface as well as thoroughly organized categories for movies, games, books, TV shows and more helps you get straight to your point. So, come on in and explore the messages and agendas that simmer beneath the media’s surface and elude the conscious mind, with Celluloid Psych!

Final Result