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WordPress has modernized the way people interface with their targeted audience on the web. What started as a blog platform, WordPress has become the core consumer to brand point of entry? This makes utilizing WordPress to maximize your content advertising efforts a must. 

There is no restriction on what a website developer, SEO, blogger, and above all, content advertiser can do on WordPress. From plugins to e-commerce, the value of incredible client experience through this website platform is phenomenal. 

However, numerous businesses are not utilizing all of the resources that they have. Let’s take a look at how you can take your content marketing to the following level with the following WordPress Hacks.

Write in-Depth Articles

It is just an easy and simple fact that Google loves in-depth articles. Your potential customers also love them. 

The term “in-depth” signifies giving cautious consideration to all details and parts of a subject. This implies you extensively research your topic and afterward cautiously create a 2000+ word article. 

Many search engine optimization companies recommend writing articles of 2,000 words or more as they tend to perform very well in search results.

Craft Clickable and Shareable Headlines

It is also said 73% success of content marketing of converting readers into buyers depends on preparing a powerful headline.

If you want to catch your crowd’s attention, then you must pay serious attention to your headlines. You have about 8 seconds to catch readers’ attention, before losing them to your competitors. 

Remember that each bit of content creation has only one reason – to get the reader to read the following sentence and afterward the next. That is the reason you need attractive headlines that force your crowd to click and read.

Start A/B Testing for Best ROI

As a content advertiser or entrepreneur, your job of tweaking your site for the most ideal results (ROI) is never-ending. Yet, how would you know whether your content marketing efforts are working? Heat maps and A/B testing. 

There are various online tools available developed by WordPress Development companies. You can utilize any of them to ensure your site is delivering your message and converting it successfully. Have you ever considered how your crowd is interacting with your website? 

WordPress tools can help. These tools give a heat map of most clicked areas of your site’s pages, as well as recordings of scrolling. This permits you to check whether content marketing efforts are getting the CTR you want and need to trigger more conversions. 

When you distinguish a couple of pain points on your site, you can make new pages and A/B test them against old ones to check whether the content changes are successful.

Leverage Your “Above-The-Fold” Area

Above-the-fold is that area in your website that is visible when the page first loads, before the client scrolls down. As per recent studies that say individuals will scroll down a webpage, but they’ll spend 80% of their time and energy above-the-fold and just a measly 20% below-the-fold. 

So, make sure to place significant components that will attract potential customers above-the-fold. 

It is also recommended to place the most significant components on the blog, for example, the menu bar, opt-in form, content headlines, and call-to-action, above-the-fold. 

Try to avoid utilizing sliders above-the-fold, with the exception of when there’s a good reason for it. Sliders disrupt your readers and potential customers and they don’t perform well overall. 

If you place significant data above-the-fold, you’ll certainly get more views for that information and convert more guests into paying customers too – it’s a tremendously successful content marketing strategy to stick to.

Improve WordPress Site Load Time for Better User Experience

Your WordPress site is potentially one of the most significant entry points for your crowd to find, assess, and purchase from your business. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t load fast enough, you’ll lose that entry to your competitor. 

This makes upgrading your site for quick load times essential. You can discover your page load speed by means of Google Analytics or Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. To give the best client experience, your page load time should be under three seconds. 

How would you do this? The most ideal approach to bring down your general site speed is to identify every single slow page and fix them. This could be compacting pictures, implanting videos through YouTube, cleaning up the pointless code, and so on. 

Now if you’ve done this and page speed is still not good, the time has come to take a look at the new WordPress hosting option.

Use Advanced Guest Blogging

There are essentially two different ways to create an exceptional blog crowd through content marketing: 

  • Writing in-depth articles on your blog and informing the correct individuals about them. 
  • Delivering content creation composed for the relevant blogs of others

Obviously, in the process of guest blogging, you’ll profit by natural organic rankings and expanded brand mentions. In fact, your marketing technique could well be to guest blog your way to progress. Guest blogging is recommended by many SEO companies in USA and all around the world as it improves your SEO ranking and consequently conversions.

The most significant advantage of guest blogging is the opportunity to offer value to a fresh crowd and inspire them to visit your site.These are some of the WordPress hacks that will help you in your content marketing. You can also hire and take help from any WordPress development company in USA and other countries for professional help.

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