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Wix versus WordPress isn’t an easy choice – particularly in case you’re new to building sites. 

We’re managing two very big names here: Wix has soared in fame in recent years and brags a lot of celebrity fans. WordPress, then, powers 33% of the sites live today. 

They’re both incredible platforms, yet they’re in reality very different: 

To assist you with a better understanding of Wix and WordPress – and work out which one works for you – we’ve assembled this helpful guide that digs into key regions. 

Ease of Use


Wix publicizes itself as a full-service website builder that anybody can use. Utilizing one of the more than 500 site layouts Wix offers, clients can drag and drop components to make a site in minutes with no coding. 

Since Wix is a hosted platform, its designers and developers keep up control over all the available tools and applications, so clients can’t import outside tools from other sources. When a new site owner picks a format, they’re stuck with it. Website formats and themes can’t be quickly changed as a site’s identity develops, however, the Wix interface is easy to understand, made considering amateurs, and it offers 24/7 support for troubleshooting and responding to questions.


As many already know, there are numerous advantages of using WordPress, which is the reason that so many users turn to this platform. With WordPress, a lot more functions are left up to the client. Self-hosted WordPress websites accompany an administrative dashboard that gives access to the tools required to install a theme, make basic customizations, to form a page or post, and include any plugin required for added features. 

Learning how to work with the WordPress dashboard and the numerous accessible themes and plugin choices need a somewhat steeper learning curve than Wix does. Furthermore, support can be found through forums, tutorials, and sites gave to the workings of WordPress. However, in spite of the fact that WordPress clients don’t have direct access to a dedicated customer support portal, the international WordPress community offers free advice and data on just about any part of using WordPress.

Adding an Online Store


You may have seen the dedicated online store section of Wix. It is very nice and all, and you can undoubtedly sell your products through a variety of payment choices. Nonetheless, there are a couple of drawbacks that make it better suited for private and small businesses. For example, shipping and tax choices are very restricted. What’s great is that it additionally supports digital products and that is one of the more affordable and reasonable e-commerce tools.


With a WordPress site, you’ll have none of these issues. That is given you to use an outsider plugin obviously because in any case there’s nothing out of the container. WooCommerce plugins are very recommended, and it should give you a smart thought of what you can do with your online store: a lot, and pretty much everything with a touch of custom code. The plus point to is that it’s free, but you do need to pay for additional features, for example, Authorize.net CC installment gateways

Design and Layout

Your site’s structure and design play a significant job in your prosperity. Each site owner needs a design that is not only good yet in addition easy to understand and makes their brand stick out.


Wix has more than 500+ pre-made layouts to browse. All Wix designs and structures are completely responsive and written in HTML5. Utilizing the built-in tools, you can additionally customize your website design, change the design, and modify things as you see fit. 

There are designs accessible for each sort of site. Layouts are partitioned into classifications like a business, eCommerce, hobbies, arts & crafts, personal, and so forth. 

One major disadvantage is that once you have chosen a layout, you can’t change it. You can change it and customize it as much as you want to utilize only the built-in tools, however, you can’t switch to another format.


Many WordPress development companies in USA are working on a huge number of free and paid themes for WordPress. Free themes have limited support; however, they also experience a strict survey process. Paid themes usually offer more features and accompany premium support choices. 

WordPress themes have a wide range from small personal sites to full-fledged eCommerce websites. Most themes have built-in customization alternatives of their own. You can also utilize one of the many styling plugins to additionally style or modify your WordPress themes. 

Moreover, you can hire a developer from any WordPress development company in USA and all around the world or learn to make a totally custom theme for your organization.

WordPress has a much wider range of themes, designs, and layouts than Wix. WordPress clients can also effectively switch themes or tailor them as much as they need with no limitations.

Flexibility and Versatility

Contingent upon your site’s motivation, you may need to consider future development and the capacity to scale up to satisfy extra needs as your business develops. 


Despite the fact that Wix offers tools for making a completely functional website, it doesn’t include all the features you have to accommodate development. Wix is completely hosted, which implies that its shared platform permits storage and bandwidth capacity among Wix clients, depending on the hosting plan they have purchased. This could be an issue for a site that experiences an unexpected surge in traffic or needs more resources to run auxiliary applications. 

Wix also restrains a client’s options for tailoring the site. Despite the fact that Wix clients have access to many well-crafted formats for setting up a site, it is not possible to import one from an outside source.

Also, in spite of the fact that Wix permits clients to include additional functions by browsing its library of “applications” (practically equivalent to plugins in WordPress), clients may need to pay extra monthly charges to use them and, again, they are restricted to just those applications gave by Wix itself. 


One reason for the permanent popularity of WordPress is its virtually boundless adaptability. When the core WordPress code is installed, clients can draw from the official WordPress layouts, themes and plugin directories, as well as from the products of WordPress developers of WordPress development company in USA and all around the world to tailor their site, and add features to meet its unique requirements.  

WordPress makes it simple to switch themes as a website’s identity changes and to include and remove plugins as needed. Likewise, while WordPress clients don’t have to know coding so as to set up and run a website, those with development skills can adjust WordPress even more by working with the core code, as well as design and plugin file to calibrate the site’s appearance and features.

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