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With the ever-increasing demand and competition among mobile app development companies in USA and all around the world, the requirement for fast development reducing time to advertise has become a norm. The need to fasten the development cycle for an early application launch within the market has empowered the progression of cross-platform application development. 

There are numerous frameworks that facilitate cross-platform application development, yet React Native takes the lead as far as popularity, convenience and innovation are concerned. As indicated by Statista, almost 42% of mobile app developers incline toward React Native for their cross-platform application development projects. 

Anyway, aside from quicker mobile application development, minimal cost, and better execution with a single codebase, what different attributes of React Native makes it so high in demand? 

Amazing Performance

It may not be as quick as the truly native applications that are worked with native languages, for example, Java, Objective-C, and C#. However, you will get near-native performance as it facilitates you with native elements like Image, Text etc. 

A mobile application dependent on React Native isn’t an HTML5, hybrid, or a mobile web application. Rather, it is a real mobile application. 

You can take your React Native application performance to the next level by optimizing your app with native code.

Truly, React Native allows you to use native code, as well. For best performance, you can construct a few features in your application utilizing native code and a few features with React Native.

Offers Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

You don’t need various languages, for example, Java, C++, Swift, if you have experienced JavaScript developer with Native UI library, APIs, and hybrid mobile application development.

It permits developers to utilize similar code for iOS and Android application development with consistent performance and lesser efforts in planning your mobile application according to your business needs.

Simple Yet Rich UI

React Native permits you to make responsive and eye-catching UIs through pre-built UI segments like Button, Slider, Switch, and some more.

In addition, there are a few iOS and Android-driven segments available as well for you to skip the critical step of making them from scratch. 

With the free React Native UI Kit, you get the chance to make a responsive, basic, and high-performing UI improving the client experience. This is an ideal situation for developers as well as for mobile app development companies to have the option to achieve useful and rich UI with pre-existing UI elements.

Strong Community Support

Organizations, for example, Callstack, Microsoft, and Infinite Red have added to this framework. You will discover lots of React Native elements and libraries made by the network of developers on websites like Native Directory, JS.coach, etc.

Find support on StackOverflow, Reddit, or Codementor. You will always find somebody to assist you. You can also find support from the Reactiflux Discord network, the React Native Facebook Group, and the React Native Spectrum network.

Less Time-Consuming in Development & economical

React Native is perhaps the best framework each CEO wants to take the plunge. Since it assists them to cut their development cost by half without lacking in any efficiency or quality of the project.

This ultimately demonstrates that React Native is less time-taking in development as the same code can be used for both the platforms, iOS, and Android. Furthermore, it also helps entrepreneurs in saving cash by scaling the group engaged with the development cycle.

Can Incorporate Native Code

Cross-platform applications may not be as quick as the native applications that are based on native languages, for example, Java, C#, Swift, and then some. But React Native empowers applications to be upgraded with native code also, giving it a performance boost. 

This empowers you to add any outsider service to your React Native application that is written in some other native language; known as bridging. Such flexibility given by the React Native empowers the making of high performing applications with immaculate client experience ensured.

Live Update

With the assistance of React Native Apps, the developers can easily send the live update about the most recent versions of the software to the clients without the clients downloading it from Google Play Store or AppStore.

This component permits software engineers to introduce real-time code changes and make corrections while the application is loading.These are some of the reasons for choosing to React Native for mobile app development. You can learn React Native or hire any mobile app development company that works with React native for professional help.

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