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It’s safe to say how 90% of the world has converted to using smartphones, that number might be exaggerated, but look at all the millennials you have seen, every family member, friend, colleague and fellow countrymen have mobile phones with a software running, so many various age groups, both old and new are now adept in using smartphones, apps are being used easily to carry out day to day activities and app development has been a lucrative industry for the time being, many people have found gold within this industry and have taken app development to new heights. So it’s natural to ask ‘What’s next”, mobile app development has gone through its ups and downs, evolutions and different platforms have been developed alongside two emerging markets where most apps call home. So let’s dive into what they hold for the future now.

Wearable devices
One of the recent trends observed is wearable devices. The term smartwatches have been taken to a whole new level. Many companies of smartphones have started to develop. Many smartwatches can now be linked to your smartphone so that most basic functions and push notifications make it to your smartwatch so that you can view them, or attend to them without having to drag your phone out of your pocket and unlocking it. Wearable devices have had new opportunities, with apps built for it by mobile app development company in USA that makes connectivity with the phone much easier and smoother. So the smartwatch is only the start, other high-tech wearables will sport soon such as Google Glass and other variables to rival it.

The internet of Things
Many of the conventional things we have available are turning into the ‘smart’ versions of themselves such as LED light bulbs, toys and quite a few domestic appliances such as the fridge. All of these appliances that can connect to your phone and the internet are considered the internet of things. These can be communicated with an app from your phone, or tablet. It can also interact with social networks and monitor statistics and even tweet and post, paying for your subscription and replacing diminishing consumables and updating the objective software automatically to keep security and efficiency at a good level.

Some of the more established tech companies are launching products that fall in this description as they exuberate quality products. So fancy LED smart kits from Apple, while being quite expensive, will be connected to your phone, laptop, iCloud and the internet and it will be a quality product.

With mobiles being the main mode of buying and accessing the internet is now and even using payments in the form of NFC and how most smartphones have NFC capabilities installed, it will be surprise when apps like Apple Pay and Google Wallet will facilitate purchasing rather than using debit or credit cards, with a simple swipe of your phone, they payment will be verified and received, no need to enter the 4-digit code, collect the bill and sign. Just a simple swipe. And with wearables being a thing, you phone won’t be necessary either.

Motion and location sensing
So as you can see how most phones have GPS capabilities as well as wearables. Location providing is very common now and knowing a persons or a devices location to within a few meters is imperative for security reasons. Location is also useful for other things such as using of Geotagging, games and vehicles navigation, fitness apps etc. Apps can lockdown onto the exact location using Wi-Fi and geomagnetic. So location and apps will be in conjunction for things such as indoor location sensing alongside precise indoor location sensing and all of those will be made possible by Software development company in USA.

Innovative mobile UI/UX
Another way to go about app development is to effectively display the data and contents to the mobile user in an important and elegant manner for a decent sound experience. Many successful apps such as Houzz, Instagram, Pininterest and Wanderlist have developed aesthetic designs with design patterns and manipulation of content in accordance to that design., These amalgamate into augmented reality by allowing the users to interact with content in even further detail, leading to consumer apps with a higher standards and a superior UI/UX design.

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