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Programming is one of the most worthwhile careers nowadays. There is a significant need for good software engineers in upcoming years for different Software Development Companies in USA and all over the world. As we all know that technology is changing drastically year after year. 

To cope with these drastic changes in Programming Industry, you should have the information on the best resourceful Programming Languages presently used in Tech Industries. 

So, this article is all about the detailed look at top Programming Languages which you should learn in 2020 and it will help skyrocket your career. I have arranged a list of top Programming Languages you can learn.

C/ C++

C and C++ is the principal Programming Language we normally learn in our college days. If you are starting your career into Programming and want to develop a strong foundation in Programming and Computer Science, at that point you should go with C/C++ language. 

C and C++ are one of the most powerful and quick Programming Language. Along these lines, C++ is widely utilized for game development as a small delay in the game can destroy the entire gaming experience.


Python is the only language constantly on raising since the most recent five years. It is a universally useful language, so somebody who wants to learn only one programming in 2020 and need to cover more regions of software development then Python could be selected.


JavaScript is a famous language among web designers which gave rise to different frameworks that simplify your code. It improves the probability of data validation on the customer-side to guarantee that there are no vulnerabilities that can be misused in your web application. 

The way that JavaScript has not complied and runs inside the browser, makes it quick. Inappropriately written programs can be misused by cybercriminals who infuse malignant code into the application that would run on a victim’s browser. To guarantee that computers remain protected, clients turn off JavaScript on their browsers to prevent the devastating impacts of a data breach.


Java is the object-oriented Programming Language. It is the language that is widely used for Android Development. Java is utilized for server-side scripting and also for Application or Software Development in USA and throughout the world. 

Java is an object-oriented programming language. Thus, if you want to take a deep dive into object-oriented programming and develop your skills, Java is best for you. 


Although this PHP is losing the battle of Python and JavaScript, it is still highly ranked in the programming market. Today, about 70% of sites use PHP, and in WordPress, about 90% of the code is composed using this PHP language. Thanks to PHP, you can make very dynamic and interacting websites, which is satisfying to the eye of the current client. 

There are a few different languages that may also gain popularity in 2020, including GoLang which is mostly used for making frameworks. Your programming journey may not be a simple one however with practical information on any of these five programming languages referenced over, your professional development is sure in the year 2020.

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