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2.82 billion individuals use social networks, opening an average of 9 applications every day. Mobiles have gotten more and more significant in our lives.

That consumes almost three hours and 15 minutes of the average client’s day. It makes social networks a vital inclusion in the overall marketer’s strategy of every app.

In addition, advertising your brand and growing an online network on social networks is much more important when you are advertising a digital product/service. In this guide, we will discuss how social media marketing services help in the promotion of apps.

Use Paid Ads on Social Media

Sponsored posts on social networks are an effective method to reach an interested crowd. Social media ads drive 49% of mobile application downloads. Given the steady decrease in organic reach across social networks, boosting your visibility through paid advertisements is vital for converting clients. 

All social networking platforms offer application installs as a marketing option. So, pick the social media platform that is most aligned with your crowd. The more granular you are focusing on, the more advertising budget you’ll save and the greater your downloads will be. For instance, an optimized Facebook ads strategy is quite an effective one.

Dabble with Influencer Marketing

If nobody is downloading your application, it could be that they simply don’t trust you yet. However, while they do not trust you, they may believe the micro-influencers they follow. 

Micro-influencers (influencers who have a following of 10,000 or less) have great power. Their fans consider them to be credible people they can trust. When they share a product or application of a brand, they can make much buzz around it. 

Invest some time and energy recognizing relevant influencers in a niche before contacting them. Show them you have a cool new application that will truly profit them and their crowd. And then work with them to sort out an approach to advertise it.

You could go with sponsored content, or you could even make a video survey. As we know video content marketing is quite effective in increasing social engagement. Or maybe you could show them using the application and let them talk about how it’s profited their daily life. 

For example, Sony worked with almost 30 influencers to advertise their most recent phone. At the end of the day, they know their crowd best. So, it’s a smart thought to let them create their own recommendations.

Run Contests

In conclusion, who doesn’t love a challenge? A contest encourages individuals to try their application. If you’re offering free trials or a pass in return for your clients having to do something, you’re onto a winner. 

Ensure your challenge is simple to enter, make it easy, and give your crowd something enjoyable to do. For instance, you could use help from a Social media marketing agency. Or maybe you could run a caption challenge on Facebook or Instagram yourself. 

Contests are an incredible method to engage individuals, and remember to ask all those who enter to share the post! 

On the other hand, you could incorporate the challenge with your application and advertise it through social media. All that people have to do is download the application and sign up for the challenge. And all you have to do is raise awareness by means of your social networking channels.

Advertising your mobile application on social networks requires content that is memorable, sharable, and relevant. Social media clients look for authenticity and value most importantly, so think like an advertiser rather than a developer. Highlighting the advantages of your application will build up a niche network around your application and assist you with driving downloads.

Encourage User-Generated Content 

You aim to show how the app can improve lives, so encourage photo and video submissions that highlight your app’s practical benefits.

User-generated content (UGC) can influentially explain the value of your application. As studies show that 90% of clients listen to peer suggestions – however just 33% listen to advertisements. 

Your point is to show how the application can improve lives. So, encourage pictures and video entries that highlight the practical benefits of your application.

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