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React Native: List view comes after React Native: Text Input Handling & Scroll View.

Native gives a suite of components for showing lists of data. You will want to utilize either FlatList or SectionList.

The FlatList components show a scrolling list of changing, however the same structured, data. FlatList functions perfectly for a long list of data, where the number of things may change after some time. Unlike the more conventional ScrollView, the FlatList just renders components that are currently displaying on the screen, not all the components at once.

The FlatList element requires two props: data and renderItem. data is the source of information for the list. renderItem takes one thing from the source and returns a formatted element to render.

This example makes a basic FlatList of hardcoded data. Each thing in the data props is rendered as a Text element. The FlatListBasics element then renders the FlatList and all Text elements.

FlatList Implementation:

SectionList Implementation:

If you want to render a lot of data broken into logical sections, perhaps with segment headers, like UITableViews on iOS, then a SectionList is the best approach.

These are two strategies we clarify above how you can manage your list of data. Step by step instructions to show similarly structured data and the best way to show various data that changing with the progression of time.

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