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Attaining good- quality backlinks forms the basis for Search Engine Optimization company and experts for practicing search engine optimization for your website.

Those backlinks are the key factor for the appearance of your website on the first page of Google. Also known as Inbound links, these backlinks when efficiently put, provide a positive endorsement to your presence in the digital world.

Currently, the backstage working algorithms for Google have drastically altered. For instance, instead of rightly placed keywords, the Bert algorithm helps Google to promote the data with useful content and a better quantity of data. Hence, now you get a good probability to place your website at a top rank on the basis of the provision of good information rather than just using a file padded with keywords.

It means that the better the quality of information published, the higher are the chances of gaining good backlinks.  

Various questions arise in mind about what are good- quality backlinks? How can I make the creation of backlinks easier? How does Google assess my backlinks? You will get an answer to all these questions today. Therefore, get ready to enter a new world with knowledge of backlinks.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links received from a website to another website. For instance, while surfing on a news website, links that lead the online readers to your website are called a backlink.

For example, consider two sites A and B where site A has an external link to site B. This link leads the online page audience on site A to site B. Consequently, this link is obtained by site B as an incoming link i.e. backlink from site A.    

Why Do You Need Quality Backlinks?

Keeping your website on the top ranking of Google Search uses a number of factors. Among these factors, backlinks are the key factor to ensure your website’s google ranking.

Good quality backlinks enable your website to have a good probability to appear on the initial page of Google. It assists to enhance your website authority, and makes your website a reliable choice in Google’s record.

The most particular thing any website needs is the “vote of confidence” which keeps your site to be seen on Google search engine. To further learn about backlinks, do visit: 5 Backlink Techniques that really works in 2019.

Among many others, a few pros of having quality backlinks are mentioned as follows:

  • It promotes the websites to higher rankings 
  • Backlinks from stronger websites prove beneficial 
  • Your website appears quickly on Google Search 
  • You get increased link juice based on relevancy.
  • Your website authority is increased
  • Your network expands and relationships are strengthened. 

How Does Google Evaluate Backlinks?

Knowing about the distinguishing features between good and bad backlinks, a more important matter should be taken into consideration i.e. “How does Google evaluate quality backlinks?”

  Quality backlinks are not obtained by any one-size-fits-all approach. Google’s algorithms are updated at regular intervals, which means that in order to maintain the building and earning the status of your website, you have to keep yourself updated about the current SEO developments at all times. Search engine optimization companies in USA and all around the world can help you in this regard.

The mandatory components of Google’s assessment of backlink quality include: 


There are four kinds where backlinks may be found relevant: domain to domain, page to page, domain to the page, or link to the page. It meant to say that any backlink with no relevance to your website is merely a time waste. 

As an example, if a website dealing with money receives backlinks from a store selling pets, it makes no relevance. Hence, Google takes it as a strategy to manipulate backlinks. 

Domain Authority 

Google relies on website authority. Therefore, the domain authority of the site should be checked which you are considering to obtain quality backlink.  

Website Diversity 

Time and diversity are the key components in backlink evaluation. For instance, any website receiving links from multiple sources including blogs, magazines, etc. at gradual intervals of time will stand for a better ranking. 

Standalone Recognition 

A good quality backlink that appears on other websites as a single link instead of a mixed-up link with various other competitors has a potential authority and is reliable.

Human Value 

Google takes a look at the worth of your content relative to the searched questions. To make sure that your website fulfills the user demands, linking the site’s audience is to be examined. Any site which links it to your website, through its content is irrelevant to its audience, raises an alarm sign.   


Those authority site links which promote your site only, form great backlinks options because they do not talk about your competitors. For example, conference and forum platforms are unique websites. Only a few of your competitors may show their content at those sites. This forms an exclusive chance to create high-quality backlinks. 

Link Location Google ranks the search intent. It implies that seamlessly incorporated links throughout the website’s content are more legal. On the contrary, links on the sidebars and footers are irrelevant and alarming. 

Apart from these, Google assesses technical features. Search engines interpretations of link relevancy and authority are also affected by the following things:

  • No-follow 
  • Redirects
  • Alt attributes
  • Anchor text
  • Robots.txt

Among other challenges, gaining high-quality backlinks is the toughest job but still, it is the most significant affecting factor of SEO. This chance should be used for your benefit by rightly picking a reliable search engine optimization company for your help. 

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