artificial intelligence development

Limitation of Artificial Intelligence in 2020

With 90% of associations taking a shot at artificial intelligence (AI) projects, enterprises are understanding the importance of AI for effective business techniques. Consuming money on AI projects could eventually slash down costs on long-winded tasks people would need to direct. This isn’t just a budgetary cost, yet a time cost, as assignments like data..

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React Native: React Native Image Picker

After getting a sound understanding of React Native: Redux, we will discuss React Native: React Native Image Picker. A React Native module that enables you to utilize the native user interface to choose a photograph/video from the device library or directly from the camera, as so:   This library began as a basic bridge of..

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React Native: Redux

Once you are done with React Native: Networking, let’s move towards React Native: Redux. Redux is an anticipated state container for JavaScript applications. It assists you to write applications that behave reliably, run in various environments.” this implies the whole information flow of the application is handled within a single container while enduring the previous..

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React Native: Networking

Before jumping into React Native: Networking, you must have an understanding of React Native: ListView. Numerous mobile applications need to load data from a remote URL. You might need to make a POST request to a REST API, or you may need to fetch some information from another server. Using Fetch React Native gives the..

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Top 5 Development Languages of the 2020

Programming is one of the most worthwhile careers nowadays. There is a significant need for good software engineers in upcoming years for different Software Development Companies in USA and all over the world. As we all know that technology is changing drastically year after year.  To cope with these drastic changes in Programming Industry, you..

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React Native: List View

React Native: List view comes after React Native: Text Input Handling & Scroll View. Native gives a suite of components for showing lists of data. You will want to utilize either FlatList or SectionList. The FlatList components show a scrolling list of changing, however the same structured, data. FlatList functions perfectly for a long list..

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React Native: Handling Text Input & Scroll View

After getting done with React Native: Styling and Layout with Flex, now we’ll discuss React Native: Handling Text Input &Scroll View. TextInput is an elementary component that allows the user to enter text. It has an onChangeText prop that takes a function to be requested every time the text changed, and an onSubmitEditing prop that takes a function to be..

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best platforms to manage your social media networks

5 Best Platforms to Manage your Social Networks

Social networking media is a powerful platform for developing your business, directing people to your site, and keeping your followers and visitors in the loop. And because of the importance of social media in this modern age, effective social networking media management is important: You can’t simply sign into Twitter or Facebook and post a..

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React Native: Styling & Layout with Flex

Once you have complete understanding of State and Props in React Native here, we are with all about style and Layout Flex in React Native. With React Native, you style your app using JavaScript. The majority of the core components accept a prop named style. The style names and their values generally match how CSS works on the..

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