React Native: Components

After installing and creating a new project of React-Native-App as demonstrated in React Native: Getting Started and creating a React Native: Hello World app here is a further guide  a difference between functional and class components in React and which one is the right choice for you?  The simplest approach to define a component in..

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React Native: Hello World App

After installing and creating a new project of React-Native-App as demonstrated in React Native: Getting Started, here is a further guide to show a simple and basic message saying “Hello World” remove the CSS part and insert the message to be printed wrapped by the <text></text> labels inside <view></view> as demonstrated as follow:    Lets..

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React Native: Getting Started

React Native is a JavaScript system for building native mobile applications. It uses the React structure and offers a large number of inbuilt components and APIs.  React Native allows you to build mobile applications using only JavaScript. It uses the same structure as React, enables you to compose a rich mobile user interface (UI) from..
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How to choose the Best SEO Company for Your Business?

Choosing a full-service SEO agency is not a simple task— picking a good SEO organization is considerably harder. It’s hard to discover an organization you trust with something as important as your web presence, but there are a lot of great Search Engine Optimization companies in USA and all around the world! But the question..

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optimising your facebook ads strategy

How to Optimized My Facebook Ads Strategy?

Facebook is one of the most famous social media marketing platforms among individuals, brands and social media marketing agencies in USA and all around the world – according to a study, it has 2.38 billion monthly active clients – which implies that it has very much of potential to advertise your brand:  With Facebook ads,..

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Benefits of SEO and Why your Business Needs SEO?

Each business needs to put its efforts and resources into search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the way towards optimizing your site to maximize natural traffic from search engines. The main search engines are Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo.  There are many benefits of Search engine optimization and also there are many reasons why..

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Here How You Can Organise your code.

In a universe of pervasive super high-speed internet, where heaps of speedy multicore processors and piles of multi-gigabyte RAM chips flourish, for what reason we bother keeping our code clean and organized? Indeed, besides proficiency, there are numerous reasons, to consider, including your sanity.  From a solely aesthetic point of view, organized and cleanly laid..

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Does 5G Change the Mobile App Development Scenerio?

4G LTE has delivered exciting experiences to clients: quick web browsing, superior quality video streaming, smooth and reliable video conferencing (most of the time), and online internet gaming. Mobile substructure leaps after every nine or ten years and 4G LTE first went live in 2009 (Stockholm and Oslo) trailed by a 2010 launch in the..

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