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One of the biggest task in website entrepreneurship is to move your website to a different domain, a lot of things can go wrong if any of the steps aren’t properly executed such as incompatibility with certain elements in the website. Although migrating to a better host is essential to get a better website conversion rate and higher search rankings. However, if you already know a bit about your own product than you have nothing to fear and the can the transfer a bit easier as you would know every nook and cranny of the website, after all, it is you who built the site with every specification.

Backup your website’s files
The very first step is the most essential, a backup will be your lifesaver. If something goes wrong, the only thing you would lose is the transfer files, you would still have your backup files of all the hard work you have spent on making your site or provide it to the WordPress development company in USA that is helping you in this regard. So in the world of tech, backup is very important. You have to keep a backup whenever you are undergoing maintenance or backup.

The best way to go about this is to backup each aspect of your site. This is pretty good practice before any major change in accordance to migrating your website. Use any FTP such as Filezilla to connect to your web host, copy all the file under your website’s directory and then to your local computer. This would include all access files such as .htaccess file that are hidden.

Export The WordPress Database
Exporting is quite a simple affair. All you have to do is navigate to your phpMyadmin application and select the database that contains your WordPress installation and sport it. The default settings of a quick export and SQL format will be sufficient to get what you need. Once you have the database export and FTP of your files have been completed, you are ready to move onto the next stage.

Create a WordPress database on your new host server
Before the migration can occur, a new environment has to be laid down for the installation. For this to be done, we have to create a database that can import SQL data into it.

Edit the wp-config.php file
Browse onto the folder where you kept the files on your computer. There should be a wp-config file within those mass of folders and files and it controls the access between WordPress and your database. Make a copy of it and then store it onto another folder for your local computer. This is necessary for restoring the changes we are about to make.

Import your database
Now that we have a database to work with, we can begin the import process. So go on and launch phpMyadmin from the cPanel software and then onto your new server to select your new database from the list on the left hand sidebar.

Upload the WordPress files to your new host
Now that the database has been prepared, it is time that you reconfigure the wp-config php file and upload the website files, you can additionally ask your WordPress development company in USA in helping you out. Connect to your new web host using your FTP program and browse the folder that your website is going to be held in.  Then upload the public_Html folder on the usual directory.

Final touches
So before you finally launch your site, just go over some of the things you have done and some important files that might have to be second checked. Amongst these things include reconfiguring your domain’s DNS settings. They will be set onto a point of your previous host and you will need to give them the proper records for the new IP address. This can take up to 48 hours to implement the DNS change that is. So it’s better to do it during low levels of traffic

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