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For many small and independent businesses, a site is one of the very first things that cause their business to seem “real”. In fact, for the increasing number of small companies that don’t have a physical storefront, their site serves as their essential first point of contact for new business. 

Regardless of whether you have a physical area, an ever-increasing number of potential clients will engage with your business online before they ever do in person. Fortunately, your website can help you reach clients you would never be able to reach in person. So, all you have to do is to work on your website design and development. Unfortunately, you’re probably messing it up. 

Here are 5 basic ways independent companies mess up their site, and how to stay away from them:

Uncertainty About What You Do

Your home page is the first impression you’ll make on a potential customer or visitor. That being stated, they have to know precisely what your business is about and what your organization does within moments of loading your homepage.

What you’re about might be clear to you but you put yourself in the shoes of someone else. If you knew nothing about your organization, would your site explain it clearly? Or would somebody be lost and confused after arriving on your home page? 

If you have an organization slogan, phrase or tagline that succinctly clarifies what your organization is about, you should include it for the home page alongside your logo and other relevant and clear data about the service you offer. 

A decent method to test the clarity of your website is to have a friend or family member who is less familiar with your business to look at your website and let you know how effective they were able to navigate the website and what their first impression was from your landing page.

Avoid using Slideshows If You Want Your Homepage to Work

Slideshows may be aesthetically satisfying, but that is about it. In terms of delivering a message, they’re inefficient. The information is certainly there, but don’t think that a viewer will be looking at the slideshow from the instant the page loads. They may look at it and begin to read it, just to have the slideshow move to the next section. It is far from a certainty that the viewer will try to return and read the item, so it’s ideal to manage without this method of displaying information. They look pretty, but they’re pointless, and they can diffuse your definitive message. Your site can manage without them.

Not Making It easy for People to Connect with You.

When guests come to your site, there are a couple of things they’re searching for. They need to know what your identity is, what you do, and probably above all – how they can get in contact with you.

Make it simple for your clients, and potential clients, to contact you by incorporating a contact page with the most ideal way for them to connect with a real individual. A ton of website design and development associations use the contact form, which is fine, however, you’d be shocked how much more accessible you appear when you incorporate your email address and add a phone number (particularly a mobile number!).

Doesn’t Work on a Mobile Device

The ability to view your site on a mobile device will help grow your client base, expanding your business and giving your customers easy access to your services.

This tends to be a major issue nowadays with over 60% of internet searches originating from a mobile device. 

If your site user-friendly for the mobile device, you will lose some potential business and frustrate customers and clients. It is just not acceptable anymore, without a completely working mobile choice. 

The capacity to view your website on a cell phone or tablet will be useful in developing your customer base, extending your business and giving your clients simple access to your services. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly then hire any website design and development company in USA and other countries to make your website mobile-friendly.

Don’t Use Poor Quality Photos and Images

Your site may be the first introduction a potential client has with your organization, thus any imagery used on your site should be top quality. Guarantee that photographs and pictures are fresh, and anything that is blur or pixelated should not be used. If you need unique photographs to represent an item on offer, guarantee that the subsequent pictures are of the highest quality – event if it implies that you’ll need the services of an expert photographer. For different pictures, you can use a large number of free online databases that give stock photographs that are free of copyright. Don’t just borrow pictures freely from the web, as this is not just illegal, however, it can make you look unprofessional.

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