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Launching a mobile app for your business or idea is not that challenging but people most of the time find it difficult to launch their business mobile apps. There are a few reasons why it happens; we will explain to you some of the reasons in the article below and will let you know the measures you can take in order to build apps. There can be reasons beyond the development teams as well that may affect your app launch we will try to list them all and measures as well.

  • Poor Goal Setting for App 
  • Lack of User Experience  
  • Incompetent App Development Team
  • Strategy Clash with your existing Business
  • Budget issues can be both positive and negative
  • Poor Testing of Applications

1. Poor Goal Setting for App

Sometimes we define goals that do not mean to be achieved. It is our natural behavior that we get excited doing something new especially entrepreneurs, if the new idea is in their mind they get excited like its the only thing they want to do in their life. Which is a good thing up to some extent but if that behavior crosses its limit then we define unusual goals for our self and for our product or idea and when they do not meet in real life we get dishearted. This leads to deadlock, even if the idea had the potential to scale. So you need to be realistic while setting up goals, aim high but then be optimistic all the time. Whether your goals are perfect or beyond that, it’s your attitude which will put you in a win or lose position. So be optimistic.

2. Lack of User Experience

People usually mix user experience with application design. User experience is a completely different thing from applications design. It includes how quickly user understands the application. How easy it is for him to use all the features. How many clicks are needed to perform a certain action? What does he think about the color combination of the feature or solution? What is the flow of application? and things like that. All these things sum up to make user experience. User experience is improved via your customer research. Do it efficiently and you will avoid failure because of user experience.

3. Incompetent App Development Team

Most of the time Failure comes because your Development team is not competent it can be mobile apps development team or web apps development team. You need to make sure, the team you are hiring comply with your vision. And they can see what you see, they can act what you think is best, they can claim when you are not following the right path. So choose a visionary mobile app development company usa or if you are looking for creative website designing and development. Hard working people can reduce your chances to meet failure. But if you are going to the people who can’t develop their own website then you are living in fool’s paradise. 

4.Strategy Clash with your existing Business

Sometimes your business had another direction than technology. Technology derives you in another way and business from the customer in another way. These are called adoption hurdles, you need to be proactive to reduce them. In this case, the product is developed and you are trying to convince people to use that product. But you are unable to do that because people find it difficult to use or they can’t see the value proposition in it. Again in this case you need to do customer research very efficient.

5. Budget issues can be both positive and negative

This is very important. There are balance issues while developing an app. You need to be smart to identify that. You need to be aware when you are going to inject money and how much. If you are going to spend too much amount then you won’t have anything left for marketing and sales of the app. If you are going to have restrictions and too much strictness you won’t be able to develop a quality app or solution. So be wise, don’t waste your resources.

6. Poor Testing of Applications

Your testings matter a lot. The worst thing you can do with your user is to crash your app in his hands. And you will see his reaction and anger. It is possible that he won’t use your app again. People want to have stable and reliable products do respect that and try to follow that. You can only achieve this via a proper testing phase in your development cycle. Hire good critics and intelligent people who can identify crash, bugs, and errors of your apps. Once you do that, you will be able to ensure quality.

Once you avoid these things you will be able to launch your apps successfully.


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