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Your application is finally ready to go out? It is time to do everything possible to start the machine of the first downloads. Here are some tips to help you successfully launch your launch, an essential step to the success of your application.

Your application is not created?

1 / The landing page to attract your Beta testers

It’s usually several long months that go between the moment you have your idea of ​​mobile app development and the moment when you launch it … mock-up, functionality, development, compatibility test … So from the beginning of this project, start communicate with your future customers by creating a landing page. A true teaser of your application, the landing page will allow you to gather all the essential information, and feed it as videos, screenshot ….

2 / Work the description of your application on the blinds

Blinds are interfaces that reference thousands of applications and whose upload is subjected to a punctilious validation.

If your application is validated, it will compete with hundreds of other applications. Your description will make your difference and will act as a trigger for downloading. Concentrate the main information at the beginning of the summary, the hurried users generally do not read the whole description.

SEO is the main lever to attract visitors to your application page. Although it is important to position yourself on general keywords, refer to words from the “long trainee” with lesser reach but touching a more targeted audience. For an application in hotels, position yourself on words like “hotels” or “room reservation”, but also “what to visit to ….? “.

3 / Integrate social networks

Social networks have become the users’ everyday life, sharing their moods and all that interests them. If your users like your app, they need to be able to tell their networks. Add social network buttons to your landing page, your mobile app and invite your customers to like, share and comment.

Also create accounts / pages on networks for your application. It will be a privileged place where you post your news, the bugs, the updates, but above all it will allow you to collect the customer feedback.

4 / Work your communication strategy

You have to create a dynamic around your application well before its launch. Your landing page has been made, you must communicate on it to get email from your future users. By creating this user waiting list, you increase the reach of your communication on launch day. Your users will relay the information around them.

Make “teaser” articles to post on your blog / website as well as posts on your social networks, with a countdown for example.

Blog posts, social networks, press release, banner ads, emailing … everything must be square on the day of the launch. Advertising on social networks and adwords campaigns are also good levers of communication. After the craze and the many downloads at launch, your app may be experiencing a downturn. Do not relax and maintain your communication without losing your community.

The launch period is also the time when you will collect (many) positive / negative feedbacks that will help you to improve your application. Be present to your users and answer their questions and remarks, the customer relationship is a lever to privilege to work the fidelity of your users, and especially to evolve your offer in the right way.

5 / Do not focus only on the number of downloads

Your application is launched and already many downloads at the counter? Great, but what is your retention rate (percentage of users who come back on your application)? How long is your application uninstalled? The number of downloads is not the only performance indicator. Be able to keep and retain your customers. For this, there are several techniques for Growth Hacking your mobile app.

To retain your customers, you must play on the indispensable side of your application. Make your application a consumer habit. For example, offer reductions and other benefits that can only be accessed via the application.

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