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Most people start their own websites for exposure, fun and business. Once something that we have spent so much time on developing and growing takes off, everyone wants more, more followers, more popularity and more money. Starting your own blog or website for a home based product is easy but getting it to be your moneymaker is hard but with a few of our easy steps, you will be there in no time.

Quantify your website:
According to a website design and development USA Company the first step to monetizing your website is finding services that help quantify your website traffic. This will help you identify what type of strategies you need to apply in order to get you maximum profit.  For this, you can use two easy services: Google Analytics and Quantcast. Google Analytics analyzes and records the number of clicks your website got, the specific keywords used to get to your website and the amount of frequent users who log onto your site. Quantcast on the other hand saves demographic information that you can use to see which location gets you the most engagement and traffic.

Strong content:
The second step is to make sure your website has strong content. Now, the trick to make sure your content is great and not just gibberish. It has to be related to your products or relevant to your users. It also has to include search engine optimized keywords that help your content stay on top in search engines. If you do this simple step then your blogs will be visible on all search engines such as Google etc.

Become a Marketeer:
In order to get the most out of your website or blog, you need to constantly market your website. The quickest way around this is to become an affiliate marketer. The process is simple, all you have to do is pick a product or service and promote it on your own. How do you get money out of this? Well, every time a user clicks on the link and purchases an item; you will get a commission on that sale. The amount can be anywhere from 30% to 70%. It is easy money.

Sign up for Google AdSense

Another more popular way of generating money from your websites and blogs is by signing up for Google AdSense. You might be wondering why you have to sign up anywhere in order to make money. Well, it is a cost-per-click (CPC) program that allows you to put up ads on your blogs and websites. After signing up, you will be given an ad code, once you add the ad code, the AdSense spiders will scan through your web-page and decide what ads can be run on your platform and how much it would profit. It also ensures that the ads run on your site are relevant to your work and content. These Ad sense spiders match ads to your content and that is how they make sure these ads remain relevant. Therefore, whenever someone clicks on an ad you will receive a payment of $0.05 to $0.5 per click.

Create a Membership Website
Most popular websites and their revenues through one of the most effective ways of monetizing your website and that is by making a membership based website. Some of the most popular examples of this would be things like Shutter shock (images) they offer all sorts of sample images that you can buy and use as your own for either your blogs, websites or articles. E Books is another popular example; people can buy digital copies of their favorite books and read them offline no matter where they are at that moment. These kind of products are mobile and simply need to be paid for and in return, the website owners receive maximum profits.

Sell Advertising Space
Another idea that is similar to what we do in real life when we have extra space we rent it out for other people to use while we make the easy cash. Similarly, when we have extra space around the corners of our blogs or websites we can rent it out to other brands or small businesses, who need the traffic. Many different websites actually sell advertising space. Websites that already have many following and traffic coming their way can easily use this opportunity to make a lot of money by simply letting a few ads run here and there.

Post-Sponsored Content
A web design and development company USA suggested that you can need to market your brand more, which would indefinitely lead to more traffic towards your blogs and web pages. You can simply ask popular bloggers to write a review on your product and send them a free sample so that they may center their article on that and help you get more business. You can even pay for the reviews and positive feedback so that more hype is created and people try out your product. Even consumers now a days tend to believe other popular public figures more than actually trying out the product themselves.

So if you are one of these popular websites or bloggers then you are in luck cause this might just be the perfect strategy for you. You can charge people to write reviews and market them. You can also take commission based work. If you have a lot of following then you can charge a lot of money per post.

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