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As applications are become more complex and development workloads increase, streamlining software development company in USA seems like a real challenge. One of the rationalization tracks could be to focus on identifying and correcting defects.

In fact according to a 2002 study at that time 80% of software engineering expenditure was devoted to this correction of defects. Thus in terms of software design and development identify a defect before production is priceless because it allows to quickly correct the problem and significantly reduce the cost of maintenance applications.

This is why the Software development projects includes a test phase to which it is increasingly paid attention.

We will discuss in this article the software defects, its terminology, its nature and the different ways to reduce and correct these defects in order to improve the quality of Software development.

Software quality

It is possible to identify several beneficial practices for improving the quality of software development

  • Work on the identification of defects
  • The establishment of a continuous improvement process
  • The implementation of corrective actions intended to ensure that the defect does not happen again.
  •  In general, a documented procedure must be established to monitor the treatment of non-conformities and evaluate the effectiveness of corrective actions.

The Failure:

In software development the defect is also called bug. Refers to a design error, coding or understanding in short to a human error.
Common errors: Include pure coding errors forgetting communication errors, non-compliance, lack of information, reasoning errors, language confusion, etc.
But we must recognize that the Softwre developer is human and therefore imperfect. It is not possible to completely eliminate errors. On the other hand, it is possible in the Software development process to make the developer more responsible and especially to make the implementation of the tests more reliable.

The Testing Phase:

The testing phase is generally not well experienced by the developers because it forces them to work intensively. While in general the project has already fallen behind. It can also be stressful in the case where defects are difficult to identify.

To reduce this stress and to rationalize the test phase as much as possible. It will be necessary to define effective procedures to better identify the defects. The verifications must be carried out in the form of unit tests.

While in a softwares the modules are generally interconnected. We will focus on the implementation of unit tests, which corresponds to the verification of a unit of specific programs. For this to be possible, the prerequisite is that the code be modular , that is to say it consists of modules, groups of functions, methods and processes to achieve an encapsulation comparable to that of the object programming.

A successful test phase:

For the test phase to be carried out under optimal conditions it is important that defects are identified as early as possible. As an unidentified defect propagates within other phases of Software development.

In addition it is possible to evaluate the success by identifying its profitability. To do this it is necessary to calculate the difference between the cost of a defect identified early and the cost of a defect identified during the development of a Software phase. In general this difference corresponds to a factor between 10 and 100. In other words the gains are important. Integrate the test phase into the Software development process

Finally it is necessary to give more importance to the test phase within the Software development processes. Of course this practice is generalized but generally it is not given the value that should be due to him. The testing phase is not always done conscientiously and is considered incidental. To change the mentality it is necessary that the awareness comes from the computer direction. This involves defining more formal delivery procedures including these unit test phases as well as integration tests.

Thus, identifying defects in the software development process can save real time and money.

Some Software development companies in USA even work not only to early identification of defects but also to their prediction. This prediction is possible by using statistical models that take into account development practices and different human factors. Percentages of defects that can occur in each development phase and percentages of defects are then obtained that will not propagate to the other phases of the project.

With this information it is then necessary to draw up a quality plan including quantitative quality criteria for each phase of the project. In this way improving the quality of software development is possible as IT managers will consider testing phases and identifying development defects as a priority. With the need to reduce costs but also to make the results more reliable. There is no doubt that these practices will develop in the years to come.

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