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In this era of technology advancement , there is a rapid shift of various significant tasks towards online and education is no exception. Online preparation for exams has come up with lots of advantages which no one can shake a stick at. It is rapidly becoming famous all over the world. Recently, in Pakistan, Topgrade.pk, has gained a lot of popularity by offering online preparation of university entrance exams. Students need not waste their precious time festinating towards academies and paying high fee. eLearning not only paves the way towards success in exams but also engulfs a number of additional returns. Let’s delve into how it has helped Pakistani students to prepare for their exams and get greater rate of success in contrast to preparing through brick and mortar academies.

Lecture Delivery by Experienced Teachers

Well, the first and foremost thing a student needs is the understanding of the learning materials and building concepts that can only be possible with the guidance of experienced and highly qualified teachers. Online platforms allow students to get their hands on topic-wise lectures, delivered by the teachers who have years of experience in teaching a particular subject. Most of the conventional academies are devoid of such teachers.

Moreover, most of the students cannot absorb all the material in one go and they end up with lots of ambiguities in their minds. Whereas online lectures can be watched multiple times in order to shed all the confusions and doubts in a specific topic. Isn’t it fructiferous? Yes, it is.


Ease and Comfort of Study 

No one can brush off the importance of comfort when it comes to preparation for any exam. Unfortunately, the students get pressure and stress of studies moving from colleges to academies. In both the places, they encounter different pattern of same syllabus which becomes a mess to get through efficiently. In case of online preparation, students get ease and comfort to study at anywhere and anytime which suits them. They can get lectures from colleges and have facility to learn it at home. They can also prepare their upcoming lectures before they are delivered by their college teachers. In this way, all the pressure vanishes and they perform proficiently- no ifs, ands or buts about it. 

Quality Preparation at minimal cost

With online learning students have access to authentic syllabus content and lectures. They need not buy expensive notes and key books rather require a good internet connection and any smart device. The online preparation platforms are quite inexpensive and even a very normal student can purchase subscription. Thus, an average student who cannot afford high cost of academies can now have opportunity to get through exams with flying colours.


Practice Tests and Fast Revisions

Students cannot perform well in exams without practicing what they have learnt through lectures. That being the case, eLearning provides students with a number of practice tests which are in accordance with the weightage in final exams. Students follow a structured pattern to cover all their syllabus. As they are first required to watch lectures and then quickly revise them, after that take drills of what they have understood and end up with engrossing everything they need to learn. That’s the very thing which makes online preparation the best way to get through final exams with flying colours. That’s a given!

Online study fits in around the student’s life 

There is no denying the fact that with online study the students need not to get up early or travel around to reach out the academies in order to keep up with the class fellows when it comes to the online study. The students are able to choose the times they can study without any trouble, set their own deadlines and deal with the syllabus in a way that suits them perfectly. The ease of getting information and being updated is something we beat drums for.


Last but not the least, students preparing for their exams online can track their day to day progress. The vigilant online platforms provides students with the assessment tool with the help of which they can easily check where they stand. In this way, they can tune their pace as required. Moreover, parents can also see the progress of their children in just a click. Whoa!

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In a nutshell, the students don’t have to waste time in order to get the relevant information as everything in online preparation is arranged in a way that students can easily get what they are looking for. While sitting on their favourite chairs of study room, students can prepare themselves for exams online and save the valuable time that would have been exploited otherwise in travelling from their home to different academies. Now, students need not rush towards academies as eLearning has made everything accessible from the home.

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