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All companies have a common goal, to generate more customers. By cons, before being a customer, it was a prospect, a lead, or a potential customer. He first learned about your business, and then he realized how it could solve his problem. Since each of your customers were prospects before being a customer, it is important to see how to create good marketing strategies to generate more advertising.

Here are some options available to you at the marketing level to increase your pool of potential customers.

Offer several subscription options to your newsletter:

It is well known, email marketing is a great option to grow your business and make it known. Offering multiple listing options to your e-mail list can help you quickly increase your list of leads. Deliver valuable content for your customers: Documents such as eBooks, checklists, and more will entice the customer to join your list.

Make promotional offers on social media:

For better or for worse, social media Marketing isn’t a fad. It’s not going away and it is completely changing the way the human race communicates on a daily basis. In the midst of this social media revolution, Information & Technology (IT) and software develpment companies have been creating better and faster business solutions every day.

Presenting exclusive promotional offers to people who follow you on social media can also be a very powerful way to generate more potential customers. Indeed, your offers may have the effect of making your “fans” aware that you are responding to a need that they would not have known without it.

Improving Your SEO to Generate More Leads:

Some “experts” would have you believe that search engine optimization (SEO) is a complicated concept that requires years to master. They’re wrong.

The fundamentals of SEO are simple and easy to understand — even for beginners and many people started SEO Companies in USA just after practicing some months.

SEO is a marketing tool to help entrepreneurs and business owners accomplish a number of goals:

  • Increase traffic to their website.SEO increases a website’s search ranking for relevant keywords in search engines like Google.
  • Generate leads. Like other marketing tools, SEO helps potential customers find you by matching your website’s content to what they’re searching for.
  • Boost sales.As more and more people visit your site, you’ll be able to refine your sales process and increase your conversion rate.

Take advantage of trade shows

Very often used to increase the branding of the company, but often forgotten for obtaining qualified prospects, trade shows are a great option to consider in your marketing strategy. Make sure you have an idea to gather as much information as possible about the customers who visit your booth and then make a follow-up, personalized, with them according to their needs. This will make sure to increase their interest.

Intervene as an expert in your field:

Taking a few moments to talk to other entrepreneurs or being invited to answer specific questions will, on the one hand, increase the confidence of your potential customers. In addition, you can promote your business without rushing into the presentation of products or sales pitch to no end. Do not hesitate to speak and make yourself known. At the same time, the number of people who will be interested in your business will increase.

Configure your conversion tunnel:

What distinguishes a visitor to your website from a qualified prospect? The visitor does not leave a trace of his passage while the prospect has expressed interest in transmitting his contact information.

Of course, he may have completed a contact form or made a quote request online but often it will be necessary to find a more subtle method to retrieve the details of your visitors and thus convert them into qualified prospects.

To generate leads on your website, you must configure your conversion tunnel via the following 3 points:


  • Propose premium content to download on your website (ex: white paper)
  • Integrate call-to-action buttons at strategic locations.
  • Return these buttons to optimized landing pages.


To generate prospects on the internet, you need to get their attention with quality articles and then encourage them to download premium content to go further in their thinking via a call to action button and an optimized landing page.

To generate leads on the internet:

You will not find the optimal method the first time to generate leads on your website. You will have to go gradually and make adjustments to your website.

This can range from the size, location or colour of your call button to the action, the title of your landing page to the topics covered in your content. All elements of your website must be thought and optimized for the conversion of your visitors into prospects.


Here are some strategies that you can put into practice today to generate more leads for your business. Feel free to share your strategies and tell us if they have proven successful or not.


In addition, if you want to set up a plan to generate more leads and further develop your strategies, do not hesitate to contact us.


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