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The sole purpose of existence of every profit generating business is growth. Thus, each and every firm who wishes to generate more and more profit looks at ‘growth’ as one of the key components. Be it growth in terms of the number of customers or clients or in terms of the portfolio of products or services that the company is offering. In every way, growth is interrelated with the success of the company. Therefore, companies these days are looking to adopt newer technologies. The latest technologies not only help the companies to perform better but they also help to speed up their performance.One of the latest technologies which is high in demand in the corporate sector (and elsewhere) is Artificial Intelligence. AI is one of those technologies which have the potential to transform the world.

Thus, when it comes to adopting AI for the improvement of your business, it is definitely going to be a great idea. For example, now a days, Artificial Intelligence is used a lot by the customer service departments. As, AI powered chat-bots are in high demand. Thus, this immense use of AI powered chat-bots leads to the improvement of the performance of the customer services teams. As, chat-bots are not only a lot quicker but more efficient as well. This is just one example, in a plenty of cases, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence has led to the betterment of functions in many ways. And, now, AI is even added in Microsoft Dynamics 365, one of the most preferred corporate solution.

Addition of Artificial Intelligence in Dynamics 365 and its Effects

Artificial Intelligence can be implemented in several already existing programs or software as well. Hence, Microsoft integrated AI in their Dynamics 365 program to make it a lot more powerful. AI is not only included in one or two apps in Dynamics but at various places. Dynamics 365’s main objective was to diminish the amid ERP and CRM activities of a firm. Microsoft Dynamics 365 was conceptualized to make it smoother for the businesses to manage a plenty of their activities via one platform. Now, Microsoft has even added AI to Dynamics 365 solution. This is being done to generate more powerful and detailed insights for the Dynamics users. At the same time, with the integration of AI, various functions have become a lot more efficient.

How till integration of Artificial Intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics 365 help the sales and Marketing Teams? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Artificial Intelligence based functionalities will allow to users to generate smarter and detailed data. This will eventually help to make intelligent business decisions. When it comes to the integration of AI in the app for sales, it is definitely going to help the sales reps in many ways. As, with this integrations the sales experts will be able to prioritize their time a lot more effectively. Also, they will get the option to offer detailed analyses of their sales pipeline. At the end of the day, this integration of AI will allow them to get more insights about their leads. These insights will empower them to capture and convert the leads quickly and efficiently. So, in many ways, this integration will surely help the sales reps to perform a lot better.

Role Base Security Architecture of Microsoft Dynamic AX

  • Understanding the role base security architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you customize security to fit your business requirement. This article explain about high level overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX security architecture.

When it comes to marketing team, AI is going to help them in many ways as well. As, with the help of smarter marketing and social insights, the marketing experts would be able to make better marketing strategies. Also, the marketing experts would be able to stay abreast with the customer services needs through insights. This will eventually help them to engage more audience as they will get to understand them better through the insights. So, the overall performance of the marketing campaigns will increase with proper use of AI.

Will Artificial Intelligence help the Customer Service Reps in any way?

Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Dynamics 365 will not help the customer service reps in any way but in many ways! AI based functions will allow the customer support teams to forecast the demands of the customers. This will help to boost the performance with the help of customer related insights. Also, with the integration of the customer satisfaction is going to increase. Simply, because the AI-driven insights will empower the customer service experts to understand the customer better and thus offer a much personified and better service to them!

Integration of AI in Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer services has definitely made this solution a lot more useful and powerful for the corporates.

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