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There comes a phase in everyone’s life when he/she have to enter the professional world. Professional career demands some values from you, if you are willing to be successful in professional life you should follow those values. Otherwise you will not only be a bad impression for yourself but for the whole sect or the group you are representing. Sometimes it even follows you in your career. So be wise, not for others but for yourself and for others whom you belong to. The best thing you can do for your people is make things easy for them, play your part. If you are a part of an organization be faithful and think of being a beneficial part of that organization. We have listed some of the key rules you should force yourself to follow. Keep in mind no one is perfect, but people learn, and those who learn are the ones who earn.


Excellent Service Providers

Excellency Should Be Your Preference:

You have to try to be the best among the others, you have to provide top of the line services to your beneficiaries. Quality brings you toward both ends Top and the Bottom, and you have to choose direction yourself. Be the best and stand out unique among all the others in your pool is the best practice of your career. You should make it your habit if you are willing to be the favorite of your bosses. Customers ignore many things if you are known for providing best quality and that really helps you in your professional career.

Be the best! Leave the rest.


Courtesy and Respect:

Next article you have to work in your personality is your way of interaction with others.

Courteous means being friendly, polite, humble, helpful and well mannered. I hope I have tried to cover all aspects you have to look upon in order to be courteous in one sentence. It is very very important because it helps you interact with people and increase your friend zone. And trust me Professional Network is the most important thing in business world. It helps you pass your struggling period a lot.

And then pay respect to others if you are willing to receive it from others end as well. If you are willing to earn respect along with money. Go on follow the rule.

Build Trust:

Trust is very important. Your people should believe you are the most trust worthy person. Read the words again, “You have to make them believe that you are the Most Trust Worthy Person”. Because in business you have to build relations and you have to retain relations. Only trust can do such wonders. I am sure you must be thinking how can you make them believe in that;

Rule is simple : Follow the assigned task, show responsibility and don’t let them down! Always push them UP. Whenever you are called, you have to deliver on time on the spot. Do your best and you will win the trust of your people. Apply this rule in your life as well.

Follow Rules:

Always follow rules of your organization. Wherever you are, whether you are an employee or you are the boss out there. DO NOT try to play with the rules. If you are employee then you are playing with your Job and if you are the boss, then you are playing with your company. let me tell you in advance you are not going to survive this way. Sometimes its gonna be difficult and it will affect your personal relations as well but good organizations always support the rule book followers.

So! Learn the rule! And change them – Do not break them.

Be Competent And Improve Continually:

Do not feel yourself save at any point in your life in any company. Always think of the worst if you want to remain in the game.

Competency is the combination of many cores including Knowledge, skills, behavior and performance. You have to work on it. Be aware what’s going on around you and around the globe, update yourself continuously if you are willing to get maximum out of it.

Competency grows with the experience, but you have to be adaptive and supportive to changes and updates. You have to be ready to learn all the time.

That will be the key to hold your position.

Honest, Open and Transparent:

These values are going to affect your career all the time.

If you are not honest you are not going to survive. If you are not open you are not going to grow your network. If you and not transparent you are going to stuck in a trouble situation soon. In your contracts whether verbal or written do not try to include confused statements or clauses. What ever you are offering, what ever you are proposing be very clear and be very very Open for feedback, it will help you improve and will increase your value.

People who are Open and Transparent often get early results then those short term planners.

Be Respectful Of Confidentiality:

Confidentiality means you actually respect the set of rules or information you have of your customer. When some organization or some person shares his information with you they trust you. And you have to respect that. keep that information like your baby. You have to take care of it. It will increase your worth and value in your organization or among your competitors. It can ruin or build your relations so be very very conscious.

When you hold someone’s confidential information its something like a solid reason they are going to stay with you and will have long term associations.

Remember Coca Cola Formula? Keep that in mind.

Set Good Example:

Fame has many faces. And all of us love almost all the faces. If you love that you have to prepare for that. You have to present yourself as an example, as a role model. In your organization, in your business and in your own company. Dare to do that, it can be accomplished with your knowledge, skills, and values.

Your juniors observe you and they follow your ways. So be very very conscious about your actions. Take the charge, lead your people and set an example.

Being a professional is living and exemplary life within and without an organization. So prepare for that. It needs your attention.

Professionalism is highly values by all the organizations out there and people value your ethics more than your work. Apply these simple rules and enjoy the best career waiting out there for you.

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