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With so many applications of the internet being used on for commercial and business purposes, the latest trend that has gripped the IT industry is app development. With mobile phones sharing the specs of most mid-level laptops and being much easier and convenient to use the internet for then an actual desktop or laptop, social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are accessed mainly on mobile phones due to which apps are developed specifically for the android and iOS platforms for better performance. Due to this, app developing has become a lucrative career as quite a lot of companies are looking for developers to help them on their apps.

For such, we have developed a guide for such budding developers on giving some tips on how to get into the art of app development.

The cost of building an app

However, building an app takes time and funding, ask any Mobile app development company in the USA and they can talk to you in detail of what goes on into developing an app. There is no accurate cost, since delays and other things will fluctuate the cost throughout the development process. There are other factors as well that can dictate the costs

User login: A personalized login page for new and registered users alongside social media integration to login with other social accounts, it’s quite important to know if you want social media integration or not since it becomes convenient for new users.

Personal Profile: This is where the user can create and customize their profile and giving consent to let people view their profile.

Payment methods: Another important factor that some apps may use, especially if you are developing an ecommerce app since various local and international payment method APIs have to be integrated.

How long can one app take to make?

Since time is always of the essence, meaning how you have to hit your personal deadlines, client deadlines or just generally want to put the app out there as fast as you can.  Usually apps can take up to 4 to 6 months or even well beyond 6 months in some cases the app is quite complex to develop. Anyone who promises you that they’ll finish the app in 2-3 weeks is a bad deal, it will be a generic hurried product that will have a lot of bugs on launch and they won’t care since their job was limited to developing and post-launch support isn’t in their job description. So it’s better to rely on more authentic software development company in the USA as they may charge more and consume more time but the product they will help you develop will be something you can be proud of and call it your own.

Which platform to choose

There are quite a few choices when it comes to the route to take in developing the app as well las which target market you want to choose, this can range from iOS to android, two of which hold the most market share. There are other requirements that you will also have to look into before choosing a platform. You have to look into the ROI, the rate of investment you want to receive back, the target audience, which type of people you are interested in developing the app for, which demo graph they belong to. The ease of development, as to which platform is easier or more convenient for you to host your app upon.

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