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Mostly people get confused in the terms of Quality assurance and Quality control. They think both are same terms and can be used interchangeably but it is not true. Both are linked and sometimes it is really hard to find difference. Both Quality assurance and quality control are part of quality management.

Quality Management makes sure that a product, service or organization is consistent. It has all four main components that are

  • Quality planning
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality control
  • Quality management

It is the act of overseeing all activities and processes needed to maintain the desired level of excellence.

Quality Assurance known as QA is a proactive process. It is a generic term and does not concern the specific requirements. It focuses on preventing defects and building in quality. Its activities take care of the approaches, processes, methods and techniques that are used in managing and creating deliverable. It is a process oriented technique. It starts with the start of projects. It is for complete life cycle of the project. It makes sure that we are doing the right things in the right way. It is a preventive process. Its goal is to improve development phase and test processes so that defects do not arise when the product is being developed. It is a managerial tool and verification is its example. QA is the responsibility of all teams that are involved in development of product.

Quality Control known as QC is a reactive approach. It is obedience to requirements. It focuses on correcting, testing for quality and hence detecting defects. It deals with product so it is a product oriented technique. It is for testing part in software development life cycle. It makes sure the result of what we have done is what we expected. It is a corrective process. It can be considered as a subset of QA. Its goal is to identify defects after product is developed and before it releases. It is a corrective tool and validation is its example. QC is the responsibility of only testing team.If you need QA service you can Contact us.

Key Differences Between QA and QC

Quality Assurance      |         Quality control

It is known as QA                                     |         It is known as QC

It is process oriented                                |        It is product oriented

It focuses on prevention                           |        It focuses on correction

It does not involve execution                   |        It always include execution

It is a proactive approach                        |        It is a reactive approach

It is responsibility of all teams                  |       It is responsibility of testing team

It is a technique of managing the             |       It is a technique of verify the quality

It is a administrative tool                           |       It is a corrective tool

It starts with the start of the project          |       It starts in testing phase of SDLC

It makes sure that we are going on          |       It makes sure that result meets the

right path                                                  |       requirements

It is the process of creating                      |       It is the process of verifying deliverables

It is performed before Quality control       |       It is performed after Quality assurance

Example: Verification                               |       Example: Validation

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