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There is a wide range of website templates on the web. Today, it is not an issue to find a free or premium web design and development solution that can fulfill your personal or business project requirements. What’s the best decision for you – a free or premium HTML5 template? 

There is a lot of discussion for both sides, however, a final choice relies upon you. In general, site owners audit both free and premium web solutions so as to understand which ones will meet their requirements properly.

The thing that makes the decision so hard is that free and premium HTML5 themes offer diverse functional opportunities. That is the reason you need to have a clear idea about the objectives of your project and your own desires on its future performance or achievement. It is also worth to look at the key benefits and drawbacks of freebies and top-selling premium web design and development solutions. Basically, that is actually what we are going to do in this article.

Free and premium HTML5 templates target various purposes for use and offer distinctive functional opportunities. Nonetheless, there is always something good and bad and that can be said about any template solution. Premium HTML5 templates are not a special case.

Pros and Cons of Free HTML Templates

Pros of Free HTML templates

The primary reason why individuals tend to use free HTML templates is that it doesn’t put any extra burden on their budgets. You can simply begin working as it is and gets hold of the perfect design for any type of web project. You can easily download it and run it on your premises immediately. Free layouts are largely attracted to the novices who are taking a shot at their first website. 

Step by step, new free HTML layouts are coming up to match with the most recent web design and development standards and trends.

It is so easy to find free themes instantly through a simple Google search. It is additionally a lot simpler to download and utilize these. 

In any event, when the pre-constructed themes are accessible for nothing, you still have the extent of adjusting the structure and design of these templates to tailor it for your project in hand. You can adjust it any way you wish to, and there is no limitation in doing as such.

Cons of free HTML Templates

As we probably know, a free theme is available to any individual who can download and utilize it. In this way, your site design and features may not be unique, however, you may in some cases find a twin of your site with your competitors as well. 

Making use of the freebies may also always be a much-secure choice despite the fact that there are a lot of reliable suppliers. Thus, enquire in detail about the supplier too to prevent any risk. 

There is a lesser possibility that you get dedicated client support with free themes use. 

In many cases, free themes may just be giving you restricted features as well as a lesser number of add-on pages and negligible design changes. There are also only negligible customization opportunities.

Pros and Cons of Premium HTML Templates

Pros of Premium HTML Templates

Utilizing a premium website design, you increase the odds that your online project will look exceptional. The odds of coming across a site with a similar presentation and functionality are much lower than working with a free template. 

Premium templates feature more developed customization opportunities. Such website designs incorporate extra skins, more ready-to-go internal pages, format styling varieties, and so on. 

Working with premium website designs, you can additionally access drag-and-drop page builders. This makes it simple to change pre-manufactured layouts without any special design or coding skills. 

Premium HTML5 layouts incorporate regular updates and expert technical support opportunities. This causes you to find the correct answer to fix any kind of issues that you may confront.

Cons of Premium HTML Templates

Sometimes the accessibility of an excessive number of features and layout choices can transform into a disadvantage. You can purchase a premium HTML5 layout only for its impressive design and never use the usefulness that is included in the download bundle. 

Some premium layouts can be excessively costly. In this manner, a startup project or a small organization might not have enough budget for their buy. 

Much of the time, premium layouts are bought simply because of their impressive designs. However, when one starts working with a theme, they may find out that it lacks the required tools or just doesn’t support any particular functionality. 

To finish up, there are both disadvantages as well as advantages associated with both premium and free HTML templates. It is simply a situational and necessity-based choice to make by the clients concerning which one they have to pick.

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