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Links on different websites that do not work considered as broken links. A broken link either has no object or it does not lead to anything. There are many reasons for broken links for example programming errors, the website is temporarily inaccessible, the website is permanently unavailable, changed the URL structure of a website.

If you click a broken link, a page will load and it will show you a 404-page error or any other message that explains that the website is not working or the page you are trying to reach is not available at the time. Broken links reduce the quality of a website and make the job of the crawler increasingly troublesome. Due to many such reasons, a website with broken links will appear lower down in search results. Broken links can lower the ratings of your website so it should be handled properly. Broken links also affect the working of SEO company in USA and all around the world, as broken links hurt your Search engine optimization efforts. Some ways to deal with broken links are mentioned here:

Find the Broken Links:

Without knowing the disease or error you can’t correct it. So, to fix any error, bug or any broken link, it is important to find out the broken links. There are numerous plugins and software available that enable you to scan for 404 errors and broken links. Many of them are free to use. Some of them have been found to be untrustworthy as they will be a CPU hog and slow down your site and even your PC. Google Search Console, Google Analytics or Xenu are some of the tools that you can use to find out the broken links. For example, to find the broken links using google search console you should:

  • Sign into your Google account that is connected to your site.
  • Navigate to Google Search Console
  • Click on your google account
  • On the sidebar to one side, go to the drop-down menu marked “crawl”
  • click on “Creep Errors”
  • Click on the link that will enable you to have detailed information about broken links.


You can evade and prevent undesirable 404 error messages. Rather than deleting pages with old data, think about refreshing and updating your content.


A standout amongst the most widely recognized and easiest techniques for correcting broken links on your site is by way of creating 301 Redirects through HT Access in your direct administrator access page.

Creating a 301 Redirect File

The language structure for creating the 301-redirect file will look like this:

Redirect 301 /landing-page-2 http://www.yourdomain.com/landing-page-1

  • /landing-page-2 is everything behind the forward slash after the name of your domain
  • The second half is the full URL of the new page where the broken link would be directed to.

Updating The 301 Redirects by means of HT Access

Altering the HT-Access File can be simple however may also be extremely perilous if you are inexperienced with the procedure. We would like to give the warning that one missing character could crash your whole website. It is highly recommended that you copy the entire record and paste it into the scratch pad with the goal that you have a back-up for the situation you break your website.

  • Login into your direct administrator access page.
  • Go to File Manager
  • Open the public_html folder
  • In the account settings, ensure that show hidden files is checked.
  • Click on the edit button to alter the HT Access file.
  • Insert in the 301 redirect
  • Press the save button.
  • Click on the old broken link and make sure that it is setting off to the new destination.

Broken Links from External Sources

Now and again you may get a broken link error because of an outside source inappropriately linking back to you with a wrong URL. To address this, it is prescribed that you reach out to that website or webmaster and request an update to the wrong URL.Amending broken links on your web-page can go far in improving your website’s search engine optimization. Search engine optimization company in USA and around the globe prefers to work for a website with no broken links in it. Correcting broken links provide a greater client experience, and improve the execution of your website.

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