How Mobile Apps are Changing the Landscape of Healthcare Industry?

Online appointments and searching for them Thanks to Mobile Application Development Companies in usa to give tremendous change in healthcare industries by using Mobile Applications.That is the sole largest manner wherein healthcare apps have impacted the lives of both medical personnel in addition to people looking for them. Human beings can view the schedules of the doctors of their choice and book appointments at a suitable time slot, without standing in prolonged queues, thus saving time for both the doctors as well as the patients themselves. Apps like Practo display a list of the..

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What’s Next for Mobile App Development

It’s safe to say how 90% of the world has converted to using smartphones, that number might be exaggerated, but look at all the millennials you have seen, every family member, friend, colleague and fellow countrymen have mobile phones with a software running, so many various age groups, both old and new are now adept..

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React-Native Facebook Integration Android Example using react-native-fbsdk

React-Native-FBSDK is a wrapper around for iOS Facebook SDK and Android Facebook SDK, allowing for Facebook integration in React Native apps. First of all we need  Facebook App ID. To get fb_id, open Facebook developer dashboard and create your application. Facebook Developer console 1-Installation You need to install the sdk with npm and configure native..
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React-Native Google + API Integration Android Example using react-native-google-signing

1-Installation You need to install the sdk with npm and configure native Android/iOS project in the react native project. react-native init ProjectName 2-Install Packages npm install react-native-google-signin --save react-native link react-native-google-signin 3-Configure Android Project First of all register your project on firebase console to get webClient Id and google-services.json. For SHA-1 key open android studio..
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