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WooCommerce and BigCommerce are among the top platforms of eCommerce. Both of them are online storefront builders that make it simpler for entrepreneurs of all types to make and run a business offering items and services to online customers all around the world.

Regardless of whether you are starting your very first website or an existing entrepreneur hoping to scale up, WooCommerce and BigCommerce offer all the fundamentals for setting up and maintaining a fully functional web store—however, these two platforms work in quite different ways. 

Here comes a question: which one is better? The answer relies upon your needs and requirements technical expertise, your financial plan, and the objectives you’ve set for your eCommerce site. You can also take suggestions from any WordPress development company. Below we’ll be discussing the difference between Woo-commerce and Big-commerce so you can choose which one is right for your eCommerce site.

Things that matter in Your eCommerce Platform

Before we start our WooCommerce versus BigCommerce discussion, we should cover some significant things to search for while picking your eCommerce platform. 

Ease of Use – The platform you pick must be easy to utilize and user-friendly even for beginners, so you can rapidly deal with issues at the time of need. 

Budget – If you want to begin your store on a budget, then you should check the initial expense of starting a site. For having an estimate, please check the Cost of building a marketplace website

Payment Methods –make sure your platform is compatible with the payment method you want to add. It is smarter to pick a platform that supports multiple payment methods.

Scalability – Make sure that the platform can scale up to address your requirements and when your store grows. 

Support – It should offer reliable help to tackle any issue right away. 

These are some basic requirements that you have to consider when planning to begin your eCommerce business. Other than these, you may require extra features to manage invoices, tax charges, stock management, shipping, SEO, and so forth. 

That being stated, let’s have a look at how WooCommerce and BigCommerce differ from each other and which one is better for you.

Arguing Ownership Dilemma

WooCommerce is a plugin used for the WordPress Content management system (CMS). Thus, you have to install WordPress first to power WooCommerce.

A reliable eCommerce hosting provider is also needed to host it. all you have to do is to install WordPress and add WooCommerce plugin and you have your very own live eCommerce platform where you can control everything from sensitive information of clients to order details. WordPress development companies in USA and all around the world can help you in this regard. With the help of the migration system, you can switch to any preferred hosting solution provider in a few minutes. You don’t have to follow any third-party guidelines and obligations.

Whereas BigCommerce is a hosted application of eCommerce and it can’t be hosted anywhere else. U can’t control the hosted space as it is shared with other BigCommerce stores.

Tackling Security Loopholes

The WooCommerce store’s security is majorly dependent on the hosting provider and the majority of the hosting service providers are PCI compliant. Most of them also provide free SSL certificates and CDNs for your WooCommerce.

Whereas BigCommerce is a platform that has certified PCI compliant which guarantees that you don’t lose the sensitive information of your clients. It also offers a devoted SSL certificate that comes at an extra cost.


To find the most appropriate eCommerce platform, you need to look at the features that a platform offers. There are a lot of features that are supported by WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and many other platforms like basic reporting, mobile-friendly shopping options, PayPal payments, and fundamental marketing tools. Both can provide you the basic features that are needed to start an eCommerce store.

The key component is that BigCommerce offers multiple payment methods. It also coordinates with stock, accounting, and many marketing tools. Whereas WooCommerce offers more third-party extensions as compared to that of BigCommerce.

Simple and Transparent UI

WooCommerce is extremely easy to utilize and set up through a very easy installation procedure. If you have ever operated a WordPress site or if you know about its interface, then it is quite easy for you to manage the WooCommerce store. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie, you won’t think that it is hard to learn and operate it.

BigCommerce is absolutely the one that is quite simple to utilize and begin. You don’t need to stress over the technical part of your BigCommerce store, as all of these are managed by the BigCommerce online support.


If speed and adaptability are your concerns, then you would want to check this while discussing BigCommerce and WooCommerce. The former helps you in excellent load times and dependable stability all through phases of site development and increased traffic; whereas the latter depends on improvement, database management efforts, CDN.

These are a few differences between Big-commerce and Woo-commerce that can help you to choose a platform that best suits requirements. There are a lot of WordPress development companies that can help you to choose one by providing professional help.

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