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Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have become the popular words of today in the tech-ruled world. To such an extent that experts and enthusiasts alike have begun to float towards the innovation so as to reap the career advantages of machine learning, enormous information, and AI brings.

When it comes to machine learning applications, they as well, have developed extensively as an ever-increasing number of organizations are adopting these modern technologies in their everyday activities. 

According to the study – The total funding that was allotted to machine learning universally was $28.5 billion alone. This is a stunning sum, and the market for machine learning is expected to develop even more.

The progress from conventional to artificial intelligence and machine learning transformation has prompted each software development organization, and the software industry overall to embrace the vital skills and understanding required to make the software solutions that are empowered by machine learning to cope with the growing demands.

Keeping these things in mind, it is important for you to know some of the best machine learning frameworks used by Machine Learning Companies in USA that can facilitate you in 2020. To help you with this, here is a list of 5 best machine learning frameworks in 2020.

Google Cloud ML Engine

Google Cloud ML Engine is one of the best Machine Learning frameworks that provides training for amateurs, among different services for constructing machine learning models. It assists designers and data scientists with forecasting in different fields and spaces. 

The Machine Learning system is the optimum decision for machine learning model training and construction, in addition to deep learning and predictive modeling.

Moreover, training and prescient services can be utilized as autonomously or together. enterprises frequently use the system to accelerate email responses to clients and identify clouds in a satellite picture.


It is one of the most popular open-source stages by Google. This structure depends on JavaScript, and this system is outfitted with various tools and community resources, which facilitate simple deployment to the machine learning (ML) models.

The core tool permits your organization for the browsers, and TensorFlow Lite is utilized to send models on mobile devices. You can likewise utilize the TensorFlow Extended for sending ML models in huge production conditions. 

If you are planning to become familiar with the TensorFlow system, then you have to have expertise in Julia, Go, and Python. You would be required to do extensive coding, and it works with a static computation diagram. 


  • It is useful for creating ML models 
  • Utilized for date integration work, SQL Tables and pictures together


PyTorch is an open-source python bundle created by Facebook and is mostly utilized in Natural Language Processing (NLP). PyTorch has been worked for deep learning research having maximum flexibility and speed and is a supplanting of NumPy ndarrays with Tensors which utilize GPUs computation as well rather than CPUs making it incredibly performant. Some of the advantages of PyTorch are as follows: 

  • Easy to learn and use, as it is worked to be deeply coordinated into Python, so if you already know Python you are already at home to utilize PyTorch. 
  • PyTorch is quick as it works to utilize the power of GPUs and can be utilized to assemble and run huge neural systems. 
  • PyTorch is very well documented. 
  • It supports dynamic neural systems.

Apache Mahout

This is a Machine Learning stage that is created by Apache Software Foundation and runs on Apache Hadoop. It is an open-source and free system that uses the MapReduce paradigm and works on a distributed linear algebra system. The scalable calculations are there for characterization, bunching, and batch-based collaborative separating. 

Mahout provides matrix and vector libraries, distributed functions of fitness for programming, and considerably more. If we talk about different advantages that Apache Mahout offers, then it incorporates the fact that it can easily handle broad informational sets, is extensible, and simple to utilize.

In any case, if you are planning on utilizing Apache Mahout, then you are taking a gander at extensive detailed documentation for user-friendly and easy to use.


Another open-source Machine Learning structure in the list is H2O. It is an artificial intelligence tool intended to help organizations in decision-making procedures dependent on the information accessible. The stage is essentially utilized for risk and fraud analysis, insurance examination, prescient modeling, healthcare, promoting, and client intelligence.

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