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Your business needs a mobile app. with 88% of complete Smartphone clients, Android tops the graph as a Smartphone mobile OS. Thus, it is a mandate for you to manufacture a mobile application for Android. Notwithstanding, for that you have to hire an Android developer who has experience in his field and certain aptitudes to match your requirements.

The developing number of Smartphone clients and the fame of Android latest versions have made a great opportunity for Mobile App Development Companies in USA and all over the world. From time to time, you will discover firms saying they have the skills to satisfy your necessities. This makes it even harder to pick the jewel from the coal mine. Before you end up settling on a wrong choice, check for these 6 aptitudes your android developer is offering or not:

Android Experts having Java knowledge

An Android developer must-have skill in Java. Java is the foundation of Android. In reality, you’ll find many similar objects of a similar kind. Java is an object-oriented language. A specialist must know about programming syntax and structure. The Android App designer must have a sound knowledge of concepts like variables, control structures, and OOP concepts like inheritance.

Proficient in SQL

Most of the Android apps require a back-end to store the application and client information. It causes you to manage a large amount of information and store them locally. To do that, a high-level proficiency in SQL is required. Thus, before you hire an Android developer, you should check for SQL aptitudes also.

Android testing

Clients interact with your application on a variety of levels, from pressing a Submit to downloading data onto their gadgets. Likewise, you should test a variety of use cases and interactions as you iteratively build up your application. Generally, Expresso, Junit, Mockito, Robolectric and UI Automator are the commonly used testing libraries

Android UI layout using XML

The main code may not show a better effect on the application, Effective coding in XML is required to give it a decent look. XML is a standard method to code information for Android mobile applications. XML will assist you with creating designs that will serve as the essential UI definition for Android mobile applications. XML can be interpreted precisely as how you want. XML is also utilized for parsing information either from database or server into your android application.

Effective XML Coding

While the core development of your mobile app is done in Java, effective coding in XML is required to give it a decent look. XML will assist you with creating designs that will serve as the central UI definition for Android mobile applications. XML is a standard method to code information for internet-based applications. It enables data to be passed between devices that can be understood reliably.

SDK – Software Development Kit

The android application developer must have great knowledge of Android Software advancement Kit. Android SDK is “the tool” for building and compiling an android application, while Android Studio is the GUI apparatus (IDE) for “consuming” Android SDK. The ideas which the developers must be well informed about incorporates a fundamental understanding of formats, layouts, and views, user input, getting information from the web, activity bar, accommodation various screen size, storing information and data, and their life cycle, and densities. The developer should also have sound knowledge of Android documentation. 

These are the few skills that you must check before hiring any developer from any Software Design and Development Company in USA and other countries as it is important to check the knowledge of developer before you hire Android App designers.

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