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You know the WAR is going on between the United States and China for the Launch of 5G. Which resulted in one of the reasons for the Huawei ban in the United States, personally I think it was not a good decision as politics in businesses is always a killer combination. The United States Banned Huawei and now China will ultimately act and do something that will ultimately gonna affect all the parties. i-e Consumers won’t be able to use the product they want to use, companies will lose profits, Govt will lose taxes and so on. So who got the benefit out of this decision? Seems like someone’s EGO. I think companies in the United States should have performed better, why APPLE, Google can’t teach Govt, it’s not a good thing? I think it was a much-needed stand they refuse to take. That’s enough discussion of 5G and Huawei, let’s talk about how 5G is going to impact Machine Learning.

Basic Difference

Well we all know with 5G we are going to have 100 times more speed than 4G and the key factor is going to be Latency. 5G is coming with an excellent Low latency than 4G, so we can expect a quick turn around time against each action in 5G. There are two areas I am going to discuss which are going to be improved a lot because of 5G.

  1. Internet of things
  2. Machine Learning Methodologies

Internet of Things

We just talked about low latency(Time it takes, the moment we send information from a device to time, receiving device uses it). With IOT we all know it struggles when we have to transmit data to the cloud, as we send info to the devices nearby first then we send it to cloud to make it reliable sometimes even. So we can expect with 5G this thing is going to be resolved. According to a study we are expecting 20bn connected devices by 2020. That means 20bn devices trying to send information all the time to another source. As an example do you know there are many people working on a vehicle to vehicle communication? It is necessary. To make connections and to send information they need a reliable network. 5G can be one answer. So that is how 5G is going to help IOT transmit things better which ultimately is going to revolutionize the whole IOT industry.

Machine Learning 

That is my personal interest because I am always interested in knowing where the next stop of Machine Learning is. Well if we talk about ML then it has nothing to with Network, right? because these are just algorithms which are going to run on servers. That is a perception which I don’t know, who believes in and why? Thing is Machine Learning is based on Data and with more data you produce more better results. Now things work in a way that from data we are producing Models and from the Models, we process all the other stuff and generate results. I have several things in my mind. One is obvious we can read more data, upload it and download it very quickly. There is another thing that concerns me, as we are going to upload and download data really quick, sometimes I think in a manner that may be it removes the need for Models in Machine learning. And we start relying on Real-time data all the time. All the historical data will remain a part of Realtime data.

If it happens it will change the whole Machine learning Era and it will change all the processes and methods of ML. All the methodologies will be revised that is based on Models and stuff like that. Because of Low latency, we can transmit and get info back really quick so we can expect results very soon. Tell me what do you think about this perspective. Its a thought but we can’t ignore it, if it happens it is going to produce better results on a real-time basis.

Tell us in the comments what do you think about this perspective?

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