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We are only a few weeks away from the New Year, which means it’s time to talk about predictions about Social Media Marketing trends! No one can deny the impact of social media in our global community. Social Media platforms allow us to break down barriers, to communicate with our loved ones wherever we are in the world. To share information and to raise awareness of issues that would otherwise have no voice.

If you are working for a brand or company. Digital marketing via social media marketing has become the best way to share your story. This is the first time in the history of Social media marketing that it is possible to target your audience in such a specific way and respond directly to the needs of your customers. In 2018, users and brands will see an arrival of innovative ideas on their screens about Social media marketing. Put on your boots because change is quick and you will need to follow!

Here are the 5 Social Media Marketing trends to watch for in 2018:

1. Videos:

Fred R. Barnard said “a picture is worth ten thousand words”. But it is enough to talk about visual content in our digital world? “Why we use an image when you can create a video?” Yes it would be expressed more gracefully but the feeling is the same. You’ve probably noticed, there is more video content on your news feed. Here are some reasons to explain this phenomenon.

They receive a better commitment. After reviewing Facebook’s analysis, marketers realized that people are more likely to interact with videos. The results showed that they receive many more commitments. Such as reactions and comments than any other content.

The rise of “stories”: Allowing users to share mini videos that disappear within 24 hours. It has been a great idea for Snapchat and Instagram. Although some apps have been developed around this concept offering this tool to users will be crucial in 2018.

Marketing strategies: If something is important to users it will be valuable to marketers. The popularity of social media videos has pushed companies to add them to their marketing strategies. Think of recipes, crafts, makeup tutorials and media coverage. Otherwise this content would have been detailed in blogs or articles but they are now turned into video content. They are more stimulating, easier to follow, require less concentration and as brands only have 5 seconds to make an impact. It’s an obvious choice for Social media.

2. Twitter: Changes on the Horizon?

Oh, Twitter! What happened? After missing their chance to grow their subscriber count in 2017. They have just launched the 280-character limit and have been discussing the possibility of revising their advertising options.
The problem is not to change the platform as much as to improve its strengths. Twitter is still the best place for real-time news and current affairs. But maybe there’s a more fun to do?

Here’s a suggestion: Instead of seeing the latest answers on trending topics or tweets, why not let users vote for the best answers (similar to Reddit) and see them directly under the original tweet? Regardless we anticipate a lot of innovative ideas from the Twitter team in 2018!

3. Bigger Reality

During the announcement of the iPhone 8 and X. We were all waiting for the launch of a feature that was going to be revolutionary. That moment came when Tim Cook said: the two devices contained a new chip that could allow iPhone users to experience augmented reality (AR). This technology is already making progress in the world of video games. But imagine the possibilities for user-friendly mobile applications! Take a selfie with a friend or a celebrity in RA? Yes! (Apps such as “Famous Selfie“, Selfie with Celebrity “will need a major renovation.) Try on clothes

4. More conversational Agents

Why do we need more conversational agents? Well, have you ever had to watch a business page with thousands of subscribers? If the customer is at the center of your concerns and you want to offer them the best service available. You must respond in a timely manner. This can be very difficult. There is also the prediction that “by 2018, 30% of our interactions with technology will be through” conversations “with smart machines.

By using AI to develop these human-type software applications. You will be able to build lasting relationships. The more people feel listened to, the more likely they will trust you. In a world where loyalty is becoming more and more of a short-lived notion. Companies will have to invest in conversational agents if they want a chance to develop repeat customers.

5. Custom Content

If you want your content to have an impact on Social Media, you need to talk to the right audience on social media. It is a known fact that Millennial and Generation Z do not trust traditional marketing and have an aversion to impersonal content. When everyone wants your attention it is normal to become ultra-selective. To make sure your message does not fall on deaf ears it’s important to create users.

These personalities can be incredibly detailed and specific, surrounding their location, gender, income, taste, age, level of education and so on. From there everything depends on the quality of the content. Tell a story focus on problem solving. Stay consistent and use a call to action to engage others on social media.


World has becomes very small and we interact through social media. The demand for quality products increases. These expectations force technology to improve. Those days are gone when you can publish content on Social Media without any strategy. You need to stay at the forefront of trends and you will not be able to evolve without updating your digital marketing toolbox. As long as you define your target audience on social media and talk to them with a voice and tone they like. They are ready to give you a few seconds from their time.

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