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A long time back, remote working was considered as a client service position at below the lowest wage permitted by law, yet with the trends changing all around the world, it is turning into a full-time career. Technology is making us fit for getting a similar job to any place we are on the planet. Individuals everywhere throughout the world are trying to adjust to this innovation. Top digital marketing companies and many other organizations are trying to get into this to stay aware of the changing need of their workers and to adapt the talent from parts of the world.

How to Manage Remote Teams?

Managing remote groups is turning into the need of the hour. As a manager, it turns into your duty to set up the way for your teams’ achievement.

The growing trend in remote working

The following are a few important reasons why remote working is growing in trend.

  • Current pandemic situations
  • Setting your own working timetable
  • The comfort of being at home
  • Opportunity to travel more
  • Less stress
  • Better management of time for personal life
  • More satisfying

There are numerous favorable circumstances of getting your search engine optimization company or any other business into remote working yet you have to explore the best procedures and platforms for remote teams’ management. Let’s have a look at the tools that will help in managing your team remotely and making them productive and developing professionally.

Slack (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & web)


Slack is compatible with windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the web as well. It comes with a free version as well as with paid options as per your usage. 

Slack is a messaging platform intended for groups and it’s the perfect communication tool for teams working remotely. Instant messaging is organized into channels, which colleagues can join and leave, as per requirement, so no one gets messages or notifications that are not relevant to them. Colleagues can likewise talk outside of main topics in separate strings which keeps these messages from meddling with the most task driven discussions.

Zoom: best video conferencing app

If you’ve worked remotely at any time, you are likely not to use any unreliable video conferencing tools. Disappointing technical glitches, as frozen video, noises, or no sound at all, were ordinary as of late as one year back. 

Fortunately, Zoom is a world away from all that, which clarifies the organization’s rapid development from 30,000 clients in 2014 to 700,000 clients in 2017—such an increase in only 3 years. 

One fun feature of the zoom is the gallery view, which permits you to see everybody on the chat at once and causes it to feel, for a second, similar to our remote group being close together.

Google Drive

Google Drive is compatible with android, mac, windows as well as iOS. Google Drive is the simple cloud option to Microsoft Office yet it is way more helpful for remote workers than its MS rival. The explanation of this is because the file-sharing and cooperation features in Google Drive work way better than they do in Microsoft Drive.

Another big issue in MS applications (Word, Excel, and so on.) is that they usually crash on Mac. Any of these issues don’t appear as far as Google Drive is concerned and the main drawback is you truly need to be online to utilize Google Drive and Google Docs.

GitHub: best software development tool

Web designers and developers might be of different kinds, yet it’s basic that they work together to deliver quality digital items. 

From hosting and checking on code to managing projects to building software and apps, GitHub is perfect for remote group collaboration. It’s additionally the highest rated platform for software developers.


Zapier is compatible with android, iOS, Windows, and Mac as well. It comes with a free version offering 100 tasks per month and for higher tasks, paid options are also available as per requirement.

Zapier is a simple automation tool that will save you an unlimited amount of time on repetitive tasks. Rather than continually exchanging between various applications to finish essential functions (for example, manually uploading documents to Google Drive), you can use Zapier to automate your tasks for you. 

Basically, Zapier sends information between applications like Gmail and Google Drive so email attachments are consequently uploaded for remote access, for instance. Or on the other hand, you can automatically add new Toggl time sections to a Google Sheets spreadsheet for precise timesheets without the manual workload.

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