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How to Deal with Broken Links?

Links on different websites that do not work considered as broken links. A broken link either has no object or it does not lead to anything. There are many reasons for broken links for example programming errors, the website is temporarily inaccessible, the website is permanently unavailable, changed the URL structure of a website. If..

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How to Get More Customers by Using Social Media?

With more than 2 billion global users of social media, your customers are already there.That makes social media networking an important part of your brand’s marketing strategy. In the age of technology and smart phones, where everyone is connected with each other through social media platforms. Approaching to your clients through social media is crucial as well..

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How Digital Businesses Can Secure their Revenues in 2019?

Ever since the conventional business models were replaced with shiny new technologies and service delivery models, it has become easier for businesses to strengthen their revenue streams.More customers can be acquired with targeted ads and demographic-specific services and products can be successfully launched as compared to older days when companies were satisfied with a static..

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