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How to Monetize your Website?

Most people start their own websites for exposure, fun and business. Once something that we have spent so much time on developing and growing takes off, everyone wants more, more followers, more popularity and more money. Starting your own blog or website for a home based product is easy but getting it to be your..

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Why SEO Depends Much on Content?

When one starts out with a website, you realize that your quality and quantity of content depends so much on it. As you get into how content writing works, you start learning different skills being applied in this craft, and one of the very important ones is SEO. SEO is solely related to the content..

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The Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

With the passage of time, marketing trends have also evolved overtime. What was once marketing done through paper, is now done through online networks and with the uprising of social media, marketing has integrated with that to innovate a whole new branch. With social media containing so many target markets, there is reason why everyone..

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