10 Ideas to increase sales online

Many budding entrepreneurs nowadays are looking to grow in more ways than one. One of the most important growth aspects that new and old business, be it traditional or online, is to increasing sales. The main bread and better for any company or business is sales and to increase sales means to generate more revenue…

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What’s Next for Mobile App Development

It’s safe to say how 90% of the world has converted to using smartphones, that number might be exaggerated, but look at all the millennials you have seen, every family member, friend, colleague and fellow countrymen have mobile phones with a software running, so many various age groups, both old and new are now adept..

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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to App Development

With so many applications of the internet being used on for commercial and business purposes, the latest trend that has gripped the IT industry is app development. With mobile phones sharing the specs of most mid-level laptops and being much easier and convenient to use the internet for then an actual desktop or laptop, social..

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