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6 Web Design Trends you will look in 2018

Since its implementation, the internet has continued to evolve. In its early days, Mosaic and Netscape Navigator helped to democratize it, and since then each New Year brought new concepts, new ideas and trends, sometimes good, sometimes bad. One of the lessons of all these years of change and new trends is that to succeed, you often..

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10 myths of SEO demystified by Al-Burraq

Even today, many myths persist about natural referencing . Between misconceptions, bad practices or outdated ones, it’s easy to miss out on its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Easy to get lost when you know that Google uses more than 200 positioning criteria to establish its search rankings. But do not panic SEO Company in USA is here to guide you! So we decided..

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React-Native Facebook Integration Android Example using react-native-fbsdk

React-Native-FBSDK is a wrapper around for iOS Facebook SDK and Android Facebook SDK, allowing for Facebook integration in React Native apps. First of all we need  Facebook App ID. To get fb_id, open Facebook developer dashboard and create your application. Facebook Developer console 1-Installation You need to install the sdk with npm and configure native..
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React-Native Google + API Integration Android Example using react-native-google-signing

1-Installation You need to install the sdk with npm and configure native Android/iOS project in the react native project. react-native init ProjectName 2-Install Packages npm install react-native-google-signin --save react-native link react-native-google-signin 3-Configure Android Project First of all register your project on firebase console to get webClient Id and google-services.json. For SHA-1 key open android studio..
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Why WordPress is perfect CMS for you

WordPress is a content management system that makes it easy to create your own site. In addition to its ease of use,  many wordpress development companies are using it because WordPress is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time. It..

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How to Set Up a Social Media Workflow

If social media is something you do love, but you just are short on time, there are some ways you can save time and still have fun being in charge of your social media. We are talking about setting up an easy-to-use social media workflow to save time and sanity. Here how some social media..

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