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Branding products/services is a fundamental part of marketing. Each marketer expects to bring products and services in front of their niche crowds. Regardless of whether it’s Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Twitter, or any other platform of social media marketing services; advertisers use every platform to market their products/services. 

But Reddit is different and also Reddit marketing tactics from other social media marketing platforms. Reddit doesn’t support promotional activities. Reddit strictly discourages marketing/sales content and self-promotion. 

But you better not be discouraged. As, with savvy marketing strategies, you can get almost 85 million unique monthly guests. Now you must be wondering, how? Well, before that, the first thing to know is why people visit Reddit. There are 2 main reasons for that:

  • To get helpful data/information
  • To entertain/engage themselves

This implies if you invest time and energy giving information to individuals, you will gain more audience. Basically, Redditors either want to have a good fun time or get answers for their issues. Accordingly, one should aim to post content remembering these two perspectives. 

So, you need to gain the attention of Redditors to get traffic from Reddit, and without making spam. But the question is how? For that, in this post, we are going to share some expert tips that can help you to get traffic without abusing Reddit rules.

Start by commenting on other posts 

To attract new guests to your site, take part in conversations relevant to your niche, and connect to your site when appropriate. Remember to utilize keywords to expand your chances of being found. But make sure you spend time researching competitors’ keywords for the best results.

Be active

When you stay active in the Reddit network for some time, then a time will come when you will have an opportunity to have ‘ask me anything’. Here, individuals would ask you inquiries related to your field, and you could prove yourself as an authoritative figure by offering significant answers. 

Thus, you would get traffic as well as get ideas for blog posts. You would make the content as per the needs of your crowd. Afterward, you could publish the link to blog entries also.

Age Your Account

If your account is very new, you will be banished from posting too regularly, as well as posting in bigger subreddits. Get around this by making your new Reddit account fourteen days before you even start your Reddit promotion technique.

Find subreddits in your niche

Pick subreddits with the most members that are as close as possible to your advertised products/services. Generally, these subreddits have the more noteworthy potential for attracting guests. For instance, if you are thinking about how to advertise your YouTube channel on Reddit, search subreddits like YouTube and Deep into YouTube.

Accumulate Karma Points

Before you even start posting anything about your business, you need to collect karma points. In any case, how much do you need? Well, at least a few hundred karma points. Here, some clarification is needed. Karma points in itself amount to nothing. It doesn’t work like Domain Authority or Klout. 

Having more karma points does not imply you’re a superior Redditor. Having more karma points does not imply you’re more respected. Having more karma points does not imply your entries naturally get more upvotes or weight than others. 

The only reason you’re collecting karma points is basically to demonstrate that you are an active Reddit client. That’s it in a nutshell. That being stated, the largest subreddits expect you to have minimum karma points before you can start posting anyway, so accumulate them. You can also hire any social media marketing agency for professional help.

Learn the rules of relevant subreddits

Aside from general guidelines, Reddit additionally features exceptional terms for some subreddits. You can discover them in the right column of each subreddit. Study the guidelines carefully to build trust with the network and try not to get banned.

Ask admins to post your link

Links posted by administrators are generally more reliable and gain more attention. You can go one step up and contact the administrator of a relevant subreddit requesting that they post your link. They may answer favorably if your link genuinely brings value to the network or if you give them an incentive in return, for example, a special discount or free item from your organization.

Don’t Spam

Yes! It’s significant enough to mention here. Try not to spam subreddits. Regardless of how helpful and useful you think your content is, Redditors will call you out for spam if you post about your site again and again within a short span of time. Post a promotional post in the same subreddit once after every 2-3 weeks.

Preventing Spam Filters

Each subreddit has its own robotized spam channel, and this may cause a few of your posts to be trapped in it. Avoid this from happening by taking a part in the subreddits you want to promote.

Check subreddits daily

Reddit is a platform with high client activity, so new posts show up rapidly. Routinely search for entries that are similar to your subject and comment under such posts. In this simple manner, you’ll rapidly build your karma and avoid losing a chance to properly promote your brand

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