5 Tips to increase website conversions

So you start out with a new website or have been currently running one for some time, one thing you would want is to see is the website conversion result. It is basically the desired result of action from your site visitor’s. This could range from clicking on the purchase button to reading through the..

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How Mobile Apps are Changing the Landscape of Healthcare Industry

Online appointments and searching for them Thanks to Mobile Application Development Companies in usa to give tremendous change in healthcare industries by using Mobile Applications.That is the sole largest manner wherein healthcare apps have impacted the lives of both medical personnel in addition to people looking for them. Human beings can view the schedules of the doctors of their choice and book appointments at a suitable time slot, without standing in prolonged queues, thus saving time for both the doctors as well as the patients themselves. Apps like Practo display a list of the..

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10 Ideas to increase sales online

Many budding entrepreneurs nowadays are looking to grow in more ways than one. One of the most important growth aspects that new and old business, be it traditional or online, is to increasing sales. The main bread and better for any company or business is sales and to increase sales means to generate more revenue…

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What’s Next for Mobile App Development

It’s safe to say how 90% of the world has converted to using smartphones, that number might be exaggerated, but look at all the millennials you have seen, every family member, friend, colleague and fellow countrymen have mobile phones with a software running, so many various age groups, both old and new are now adept..

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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to App Development

With so many applications of the internet being used on for commercial and business purposes, the latest trend that has gripped the IT industry is app development. With mobile phones sharing the specs of most mid-level laptops and being much easier and convenient to use the internet for then an actual desktop or laptop, social..

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How WordPress works behind the scenes

One of the main platforms for content publishing, generally running a site and developing themes and various plugins. However, to understand something, a bit of backstory is required to really know the inner workings of WordPress, the way the gears turn and all that jazz. This will better help us understand how certain things run..

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Predictions on the future of Google’s SEO

Google’s SEO has done wonders for so many content publishing websites and any website in general for them to be searched specifically and accurately as to what the reader wants to read or inquire about. SEO is also constantly growing and changing, billions of dollars are being dumped into SEO every year. SEO has come..

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web design trends

6 Web Design Trends you will look in 2018

Since its implementation, the internet has continued to evolve. In its early days, Mosaic and Netscape Navigator helped to democratize it, and since then each New Year brought new concepts, new ideas and trends, sometimes good, sometimes bad. One of the lessons of all these years of change and new trends is that to succeed, you often..

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10 myths of SEO demystified by Al-Burraq

Even today, many myths persist about natural referencing . Between misconceptions, bad practices or outdated ones, it’s easy to miss out on its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Easy to get lost when you know that Google uses more than 200 positioning criteria to establish its search rankings. But do not panic SEO Company in USA is here to guide you! So we decided..

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