secure your wordpress site

5 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Site

WordPress is the most well-known Content Management System (CMS) and powers over 30% sites. Anyway, as it grows, hackers have observed and are starting to explicitly target WordPress websites. Regardless of what kinds of content your site provides, you are not a special case. If you do not take special precautions you could get hacked…

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content marketing mistakes.

Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Content marketing is probably the most brilliant investment that you can make in your business. Unfortunately, many organizations miss the point. They get too much sale-y. Or they simply ignore SEO.  Today, we’re going to talk about the common mistakes of content marketing that cost organizations a very big amount every year.  We’ll dig into..

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attractive mobile app

How to Design an Attractive Mobile App?

The ideal mobile application is a sensitive collaboration of engineering and design, with an incredible client experience – prompting far-reaching adoption. All things considered, basically, making your mobile application excellent is a key component in convincing clients to embrace it. So, what do you have to consider when working with a designer or mobile app..

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google tag manager

Benefits of using Google Tag Manager in 2020

Google Tag Manager (GTM) can be defined as a tag management system that has smoothed out the way toward creating tags to send client interaction information to Google Analytics (GA). Utilizing GTM will save you time, add scalability to your site execution, is anything but difficult to utilize, but also gives you enough creative space..

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why should you run google ads

Why Should I Run Google Ads?

In case you’re thinking about spending any amount of cash on ads to reach your target crowd, then you would be wise to spend it in the right place. That is someplace with more than 246 million unique guests, daily interactions up to 3.5 billion, and an expectation of high return on investment (ROI), almost..

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best machine learning frame works

Best Machine Learning Frameworks in 2020

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have become the popular words of today in the tech-ruled world. To such an extent that experts and enthusiasts alike have begun to float towards the innovation so as to reap the career advantages of machine learning, enormous information, and AI brings. When it comes to machine learning applications, they..

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