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2018 has been an overwhelming year for social media marketing.You take a look anywhere on different social media platforms and it seems that companies have a strong marketing game.Whether it is Facebook,Instagram,Pinterest or Twitter,each post increases publicity and brand awareness.Its 2019 now,and you want to have the perfect marketing strategy to boost your social media.You need to think whether you are doing it right or not and do you need to add something that would be fun for the audience.You can look for a Social Media Marketing Agency in USA that would work to maximize social media market awareness of your brand.

To avoid your brand to be overlooked, you have to consider some factors while creating the marketing strategy.

Connect with Audience

Presence on social media is not enough to be effective, you need to connect with the audience and that is the real challenge now. Building connection on an individual level is helpful for creating a real relationship with your brand.Monitor all accounts and respond to every single action and comment on all social media channels in a personalized way.This can be done in various ways such as by offering solutions, providing links to proper content and posts or by asking questions.

Another way is to make groups on Facebook or LinkedIn to enhance engagement, all like-minded people on one platform will connect with each other and the company so you can indulge in a more efficient way. Encourage the customers to give feedback on the product so to let them feel more valued.

Social Media Metrics

Establish and focus on social media metrics to know where you stand with your marketing strategy. A million followers on a social media channel is of no meaning if that is not helping you in increasing sales and engagement. Along with large audience and content there are other factors to consider.

  • Engagement: One of the most important aspects to measure is engagement. What are the users doing to engage in and spread your content? Are they sharing or retweeting your content or replying or commenting to the posts?
  • Reach: It is used to measure the spread of your content or size of the audience viewing it. It is important to note whether your content is reaching people or not. The maximum number of people seeing your post, more would be the engagement.
  • Hashtags: You should look which hashtags created more engagement or what hashtags are currently drawing more attention.
  • Sentiment Analysis: How are users acting to our social media posts? It is good to find and know the general sentiment of people regarding your media presence.

Consistent Good Content

To stay creative and to come up with good social media content is very necessary although extremely time consuming which is totally understandable. People demand original and creative content which is a tough challenge to meet. The task of social media management is tedious and involves various steps such as analyzing and creating content, scheduling the date and time to post, responding and replying, updating content and reusing it on different media platforms. A lot of brands go for a social media marketing company for the purpose. It is good to have some little tips and hacks to save your time and fulfill the demand of good content.

  •  Ingenuousness: Today, users love to know the real people and real culture behind your brand. To create a sense of personal connection, it is beneficial to give a look inside your company and such posts get more popular.
  • Graphics: It is another powerful hack to create original graphics for your content. Photos create more attraction than simple written content thus, posts with original graphics will generate more engagement.
  • Video Content: Among all other content, video content is the one most viewed and shared by audience. Producing videos is a need and easy than ever while not hard on budget with a variety of options such as live video, long or short looping videos.
  • Theme: If generating consistent content is difficult, than building theme for your content can be helpful.


Social media channels are for networking which is a two way street. If people are responding to your content they need your response too. To have meaningful conversation and proper engagement, customers require speedy and timely response. You have to make sure that none of the conversation, not a single comment left unattended on a regular basis otherwise you will lose engagement opportunities.

Time and Day of Post:

  • Time of the day needs to be chosen for posting your content on social media as it influences how people respond to your message. It is not wise to take the liberty of 24 hours availability of media platforms.
  • Similarly, day of the week also effects user’s engagement. Each platform has different traffic on different days, which should be kept in account while posting. Other than platform difference, the type of post also matters. For one industry, the rate of engagement is different while for another it is different.

Increasing Audience

You have profiles set on all channels and have great content for posting, now the next step is to make people follow it. This is indeed another challenge and requires promoting content, partnerships, and gaining attention. If people are enjoying your blog than make that blog get to maximum people to increase the reach and thus engagement. Work such that people share your post more and more, a few trips can be followed.

  •         Share on multiple platforms.
  •         Email your acquaintances, friends, and colleagues.
  •         Direct Message on social media.
  •         Join LinkedIn or Facebook groups.
  •         Ask for customer feedback

Hiring social media marketing company in USA can also be helpful in this regard. You should take a deep and entire view of your media activity and analyse properly what is working best for your brand. Find which of your posts has gained more attention and shape your content accordingly. Social media can be a great tool to earn name and respect for your brand by showing presence and concern towards your audience.

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